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You might want to have a closer look at this awesome christmas dessert. It's easy but it looks incredibly festive and pretty!
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Thanks Paul! Btw... I am just checking the plugin but no update is visible still... :( Was about to send you an email...
This is so stupendously gorgeous, SImone! Ooh gotta Pin it!
Plugin - it's strange. I've just set up 2 brand new WordPress installations (one is 3.2.1 and the other is 3.3). Then I put the plugin version 1.0.8 onto both of them and they have both prompted me to upgrade to 1.0.9.

However, we can see a potential issue, so we have made a very minor change and have uploaded version 1.1.0

1.1.0 isn't showing up yet in my Dashboard (it might take a while to appear there), but it is now showing up on their website
I'm still on 1.07 as none of the upgrades have shown up in my dashboard and I do check it on a regular basis. I tried to see if it would maybe show up in Chrome but that is also not the case... Weird but true..
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