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Will it be possible to use google play store and android apps in a far future, on papyros?
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Well there is a program called shashlik for linux that can do something like that but i don't know if it is maintained
Also, someone might be able to package the Android container from Chrome OS. It hasn't happened yet though
I hope Papyros will support APK files =D
It likely won't by default. That's way too much work in addition to the operating system
How many times is this going to be asked before people get the message? I'll copy my explanation from a previous post about this exact subject...

"Android has it's own runtime and everything, the only real similarity is the kernel, and even that is heavily patched to work with the platform. to make Android apps work with this OS would be a huge undertaking that is outside the scope of this project, hell, Chrome OS is mainly using containers to contain it's copies of Android apps." (I removed some irrelevant stuff at the beginning, but the message as a whole still applies.)
Papyros is linux whit a shell in Material Design
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