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Have you ever wanted to know what a wedding at Mountain Goat Brewery looks like? Wonder no more.....

#mountaingoatwedding #mountaingoatbrewerywedding #mountaingoatbrewery

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A lovely little wedding down at +Terindah Estate on the Bellarine Peninsula. Photos from the day to follow on the blog at


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Apparently +Wedding Snapper Melbourne Photographer is one of the best reviewed wedding photographers in Melbourne.....

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If you're looking for a very comfortable bed in Bendigo, The Schaller Studio is the hotel you've been looking for!
Great staff, great decor and an all round great vibe. Looking forward to more work in Bendigo so I can stay again!
#bendigo   #hotels   #schaller  

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Ahh, Bernese Mountain Dog! And a big fella too!
Hugo, Bernese Mountain Dog
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Tough dog looking a bit softer than usual.
We met Zeus the Rottweiler recently.  Some dogs get themselves a reputation for being 'tough' dogs so it was fun to try to soften Zeus' look on this shoot to give him a slightly cuddlier look. 
I still wouldn't get on his wrong side though!
Zeus, Rottweiler, Melbourne
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it’s an attack on Australians around the country. Here's why:

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THIS IS URGENT. Can you share this post? Today, the Abbott government is attempting to sneak forward a bill that strips Australians of their legal right to oppose dirty coal mines in areas like the Great Barrier Reef. They have thrown a tantrum after the Federal Court overturned their dodgy approval of the Carmichael coal mine. OUTRAGEOUS. Going to the extreme of attempting to change the law when it doesn’t suit the agenda of the coal industry is a joke. This means, you and I have to shut up while our environment is destroyed. Let Australians know that this is not acceptable - Share now.
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