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Rising Star feat. Betsie Larkin - Safe Inside You [ASOT700 - Part 3]
#TranceFamily   #ASOT700   #ASOT700part3   #GTF  +tee janna x
Armin van Buuren
Armin van Buuren presents Rising Star feat. Betsie Larkin - Safe Inside You [ASOT700 - Part 3]
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This just landed on our inbox.. Armin van Buuren - Communication (Paul Oakenfold Full On Fluoro Remix) Hell Yeah!!! 
This just landed on our inbox.. Armin van Buuren - Communication (Paul Oakenfold Full On Fluoro Remix) Hell Yeah!!! 

'Communication' is arguably one of the most iconic trance records ever released – hosting one of Armin’s most instantly recognisable riffs to date. A seminal trance classic that influenced a generation.

#GTF   #GTrancefamily   #Trancefamily   #HellYeah  
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Simon Waring

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Took this as I walked out my door this morning. Love the #chemtrails
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So over at #GTF  we're all about getting the message out there and once in a while a great innovation comes along that does just that!

We've been trialling a great new technology from a company called +Pushbullet and it does exactly what we have been looking for.

Set up an account, create your channel and then attract subscribers!

Nothing new there we hear you say. Well if we're totally honest we thought the same when we first set up our account but swiftly we realised the potential of this great piece of tech!

Sometimes these simple tools come along and go unnoticed. But if you are brave and embrace them then that's what sets you apart from the crowd!

Try it out and why not subscribe to our channel here:

We would be very interested to hear your feedback on what you think its potential is?

#GTrancefamily   #TogetherWeAreStronger   #TWF  
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Simon Waring

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Just got this great promo package +Rich Triphonic & Jesper Olesen – Olivia (Original & Remixes) #Trancefamily  

Soaring Sounds Records 4th release, we welcome Rich TriPhonic & Jesper Olesen with this awesome uplifting masterpiece titled ‘Olivia’.

#GTF   #GTrancefamily   #TWTU  
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thanks bro :D 
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We thought we'd try something new #Trancefamily  and share some of the main players in the scene who actively involve themselves with Google+ and share great content to our #Circles .
To be added to this #Circle  we simply ask you to +1 the post and  reshare the circle to your circles and we will add you to our  Trancefamily circle, which we will then go on to share each week.

So it's as simple as:

1) +1 the post
2) Re-share it to your circles
3) Grab a coffee and watch it grow

Thank you all and have a wonderful week Trancefamily!

Don't forget to make sure you share the original post!

Thanks and see you next week ;)
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Simon Waring

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“What’s The Bearded Man’s native language?”... Alphabet feat. Arc - Anymore [Armada]

Some believe Dutch, others erroneously associate English with the man. And while these people are partly correct, they don’t know the whole story.

What ever is his origin the music speaks for itself!
Have you ever stopped and asked yourself: “What’s The B …
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Simon Waring

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Rich Triphonic & Jesper Olesen - Olivia & Remixes [Soaring Sounds Records] #TranceFamily  

1. Rich Triphonic & Jesper Olesen - Olivia
2. Rich TriPhonic & Jesper Olesen - Olivia (VLind Remix)
3. Rich TriPhonic & Jesper Olesen - Olivia (Etasonic Remix)
4. Rich TriPhonic & Jesper Olesen - Olivia (Johan Ekman Remix)
#GTrancefamily   #GTF   #TWTUF  
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Simon Waring

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Our secret to sharing cross platform is courtesy of our friends over at +Friends+Me and there engine is by far the best we have come across, so try it out as you know it makes sense! 

The man that makes it all happen is our good friend +Alois Bělaška so if you have any questions he will be happy to to answer them!

#GTF   #GTrancefamily   #SharingIsCaring  
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Simon Waring

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this is #marwaFriends_V14B (September 24)
 to be added to this public circle just simply reshare this circle PUBLICLY ,if you share it from my wall or from any other wall I can easily find your share ,Peoples sharing this circle publicly will find theirself in the next circle v15
Share and be shared to gain more new friends
the first sharers will find a place in level 1 
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Simon Waring

I ♥ EDM  - 
Why wouldn't put us in your circles is the question tonight?! 

We love #Trance , #Psy , #Uplifting , #Vocal , #Progressive , #Techno  and so many other genre's. Let's stand together and make this something we all can be proud of!

Music is what brings us together and allows us to connect with each other. It is the one thing that is individual and allows us to express ourselves in our own way.

If you're a lover of this kind of music, a fan, a follower, an artist in this scene, a label promoting your tracks or even PR/Event Company then please add us to your circles.

We are one, we all love the same thing and we at #GTF  want to make this something we can be proud of!

So let's do this as #TogetherWeAreStronger  

Aim for the the moon and you may hit a star!

We know you are out there listening and this is all we ask. Get involved and show some love!!

#GTrancefamily   #TWTUF  
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