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After I wasn't able to do any Walls for a long time I now had enough time to at least create a few(49 Images to be exact).

They are all 1440x2560 and have roughly 10MB each

Be sure to check the Dropbox Link to get all Images:
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+Josh Correll Thanks :) I appreciate it.
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Working on porting my CMTE DU Bootanimations over to Substratum :)
Rogo will be first and Yunikon will follow.

Also since it's a lot easier to do multiple Animations with Substratum you can expect more DU related animations in the Future :)
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For those that don't know, we are 95% donation based. That means we have a single Adsense banner ad on the footer of the board. Being that far down there the revenue is next to nothing. We won't be adding more ads or changing ad providers like some sites that make the site unusable. We don't care about ad blockers either. It is what it is. That's why I said 95% donation based. So instead of just donating and getting nothing in return, anyone that donates $10 or more will be ad-free for life. In the future this may expand to other benefits further down the line. But for right now ads won't be shown to donators of $10 or more.

As always, we are here for you. If you have suggestions, complaints, or comments please let us know.
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Ok, so just an update on content creators and subforums.

After having a huge success over the last month, we have had time to reflect our game plan and how we are going to proceed. Going forward from today, we are going to be only allowing rom teams that support 5 or more devices to have their own sub-forums. This is to prevent too much clutter on the forum. This doesn't mean just compile one build for a device to get to 5 devices. This means active development on those devices. All requests before today, will be honored.

Also, we haven't forgotten about those that submitted a request. This is done in our free time and time hasn't been kind. We are getting to work on those over the next few days.

If you fall below this requirement, then please post in the appropriate sub-forum. If your device doesn't exist please contact an admin or moderator to help.

And also, this feature in the screenshot is now live on the site
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Made myself a new Logo since the last one had some issues.
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+Vignesh Ravi Thanks ;)
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Just a friendly reminder, we are coming up on the end of the month and we have barely made a dent in the donations. If you are able please help and support us. Donating $10 or more gets you ad-free even though we only have a single ad displayed.

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Litte Sneak Peek on what I am currently Working. I'll be finished soon so stay tuned :)

Right now there are 7 Variations of each Image but there are more to come.


To see more teasers join my TG Channel:
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Hey there Devs Base Devs! First, if this post violates any community rules please let me know and we'll take it down.

Second. We're doing a giveaway on Techaeris and we'd really love to give this prize away to a developer or small business. Linksys expressed a desire to us that they would like to have a developer or small business win if possible.

That's only possible if we get developers and small businesses to enter so please do enter and help spread the word if you can.

This is US only giveaway so keep that in mind.

Thanks for your support! Good luck to all who enter.
Free wifi is a great way for a small business to keep customers or employees happy.
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My attempt at creating something at least somewhat realistic looking.

Render Time was 43 Hours and 48 Minutes

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