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Simon Schürrle (SitiSchu)
Random C4D Walls and other Stuff
Random C4D Walls and other Stuff


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My website:

My Telegram Channel for Wallpapers:
My Themes:
Deviant Art:
Snapchat: @SitiSchu

Pretty much "SitiSchu" everywhere

My DU Wallpaper Collection:
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Found an unposted DU Wallpaper on my PC. (Number 113 in my Dropbox)

I also updated the Dropbox with all my Wallpapers (195 in total) Click the link below and scroll down to see two additional Folders with more Wallpapers.

Get them/it here:

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Mine will be in there :)

If you're a themer or someone that just creates wallpapers on the side and are wanting to contribute, ask no more!

If you have any questions relating to this, don't hesitate to ask!

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This week's podcast is uploaded and live!

You can listen directly from our site in the link below

Here's the rss feed that you can plug into itunes or other apps

If you're using Pocketcasts, use the link below

Hope you guys enjoy! We had a lot of fun creating it and we look forward to feedback and next week's podcast :-)

#DevsBasePodcast #Android #Community

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Go ahead and listen to this interesting Podcast :)
Introducing the first and only Devs Base podcast!

A while ago I approached the admins of Devs base about a podcast that we could not only use to promote Devs Base but do something pretty awesome for the community in where we could speak about things going on around the community, interview developers and themers and really give users insight into this world that unless users become friends with these developers and themers would never get to know about.

The admins loved the idea and here we are!!!

I will be the host of this podcast but we will have guest co-hosts as well and as mentioned above, interviews with developers, themers and contributors from around the Android community!

To access the podcast you can either visit our landing page here

Or via the app Pocket Casts

You can also use iTunes and really any podcast app :-)

The episodes will be weekly and normally run about 30 minutes. This week's episode, our pilot is half of that but only because we didn't interview anyone and wanted to really set the stage :-)

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Update post - Saturday 18 February 2017

Welcoming our new team members, +Simon Schürrle​ who will be the lead of animation, and +miradutta pradhan​ who will be working with Simon on animations.

Reminder - If you know anyone who might be interested in joining us, don't hesitate to share this community with them!
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As requested you can grab this wall here :)
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Havent shared my Homescreen in a while...

Nova Launcher with Delta Icon Pack on Self-built DU11

Just wanted to say Thank you! to:
+Federico Porcu
+Daniel Schott
+Travis Hall
+Tesla Tri
and +221 Pixels

For providing Codes for the Huge DU giveaway and +Dirty Unicorns and the whole DU team for making this Giveaway possible.

(I'll make sure to redeem myself at some point in time)

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