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Simon Russell
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh cthulhu r'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh cthulhu r'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

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Hello.. A big thank you to everyone who's wished me a happy birthday :-)

I was genuinely happy, and surprised to see so many well wishes...

I also share my birthday with +Isabel Sousa Silva today, my virtual, online twin :-D so happy birthday my dear twin - hope you had a great birthday xxxx.

Sadly, apart from today, life isn't all that great for me, or my family atm.. my own health is still very bad, and my mum is very ill too. These things, coupled with day to day life being very hard at the moment is preventing me from spending any real time online, nevermind actually enjoying it, as things are stressing me out but a little.. BUT hopefully my own health, and my mum's will improve soon, and I'll be able to be online again, as I did before life got complicated...

I'll just plus 1 all your birthday well wishes quickly, so as you know I've read them all.

Many thanks again to my dear friends here - you've made my day a happier one, and so for that, I thank you!

Miss and love you all. xoxox
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+ 1,000,000

#BrandonLee is the best, and original "The Crow"

All the shitty sequels, and the imminent reboot are cheap imitations, unworthy of the original..

#TheCrow #BrandonLee 

♥♥Great movie with a great soundtrack to match ♥♥


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Yep, been there, done that, worn the t-shirt - It's true! Go for the second one };-)


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Slayer Guitarist Jeff Hanneman Dead at 49

Wtf! It's a sad day :-(
I'm truly in shock. Fuck it - he wasn't old - and well, life sucks when you've health issues, as he did in most recent times :'(

It makes you think :-(

#RIPjeffHanneman #Slayer

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What's this #eyewars , eh?

Okays, well here's mine anyways..

Yes my eyes are naturally this blue, and no, this wasn't taken today - I look too zombie eyed today, and so not really a good look to be rocking ;-)

P.S. To my friends - yes, I'm still very sick, and not well enough to be online "properly" This is just a flying visit :-(

I'm not getting any worse, but sadly I'm not getting any better (yet) either...

But I'll be back to my usual self before you know it ;-) Miss you all, and hope to return soon.. This is kinda a "hello I'm still alive post"


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And this one is for +Fallen Angel as I know he's gonna dig this lol... 

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Because owls are badass..

According to +Ross Dmochowski they are, anyways.. And I have to agree lol ;-)

Via +Toni Teror 
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