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You have to start from where you are
You have to start from where you are
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Love shiny limited editions!
Finally!!! After almost a year since I ordered it my limited edition faux-leather version of 13TW is here, and the "family" is complete at last! :-)

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An analysis of the art in 5e. It's clear the D&D team have put a lot of thought into their art direction, but the numbers are stark. I don't suppose 13th Age would stack up much better. It's made me think need to do better analysis of art notes - by the time we get art, it's too late.
Today's post about 5th Edition D&D is the first in a series that will be either two or three parts about the equality of representation for women in the three D&D 5E Core books. In this first part, I look at data gathered for a variety of criteria across the three books, while the next post will start examining trends and actual images.

These are posts that I like to do every few months, because I firmly believe that having actual data about the state of representation in games is crucial to being able to improve that representation. However, these posts are the most time-consuming to produce by far. The amount of time it takes to write one of these posts is easily double or even triple what it takes to write just about anything else.

And mostly I'm okay with that; statistical analysis isn't something I'm super passionate about and it would get pretty dry to read about if that was all that I did. But it is something that I am passionate about doing from time to time, and the time investment can be a major strain in actually getting the work done. This post in particular wound up taking about fifteen hours of work to produce 1600 words of post (and a fuckload of charts) - which is really not great.

So if you're someone who supports creators on Patreon, I do ask that you consider becoming a patron if you think what I'm doing is valuable. Even $1/month is a huge deal, and it helps me to be able to continue doing what I'm doing.

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This is a wonderful podcast (my favourite is the Stone Thief one), and the competition is well worth entering. I'll add something extra to the prize pot if they get five or more entries.
Only two weeks left in our Get Out and Run 13th Age contest! As of yet, we don't have any entries, so it's really easy for you to win one of our great prizes!

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CC3+ pre-release version work by +Pär Lindström using +Mike Schley's style. Upgrade email going out next week

Yeti  Hunters Missing
by Foreign Correspondent Nigel Worsley
A team of four explorers is a week late returning to its base camp in the Himalayas. Miss Clarrie Bergman, 22, of King’s College London set out on 7th June for a one-month expedition in search of the so-called Abominable Snowman. A snow storm descended two days ago, and conditions have not improved.
 Miss Bergman’s tutor, Professor of Anthropology Arnold Lampley said, “I offered advice to Miss Bergman on her dissertation which centred on the Yeti cult. It is now clear that she believes the Yeti to be a real creature.  She concealed this belief, and her intention to search for this mythical creature, from me and the faculty. The expedition was not authorised nor financed by the college. My thoughts are with her family and the families of the other members at this time.”
He added, when pressed “No, there is no Yeti, any more than there is a Santa Claus or a Loch Ness monster.”
A fellow student at the college, who chose to remain anonymous, stated that Miss Bergman was also searching for evidence of her father, Victoria Cross winner Capt Edward Flint, who allegedly went missing in Nepal in the 50s. The Ministry of Defence confirmed that there was a person of that name in service, but that there is no record of his whereabouts after 1945.
Miss Bergman’s mother Clarice refused to comment on her daughter’s alleged father or her situation. A neighbour said of Clarice, “I noticed she was up the duff, and not married but she wouldn’t tell anyone who the father was.  Me, I mind me own business, but people talk. Can’t say I approve, but each to their own? Hasn’t ended well, though, has it.”
Accompanying Miss Bergan are childhood friend Dan Argan, 23, fiancé Eric Lazenby, 22, both students at KCL, and Frank Stilley, 64, a retired caretaker who worked at the college. Professor Lampley referred to former sergeant Stilley, who had lost a leg in Korea,  as “…kind and sentimental, but mentally unstable.”
Eric Lazenby’s father said  “Eric told us that he and this girl had gotten engaged and were going on holiday together to San Tropez. Now it turns out they are hunting for monsters. This is a terrible shock. She’s got a lot to answer for. I just want my son back alive and in one piece.”
We spoke to climber and Himalayan explorer Elton Mosebury, who has mounted three expeditions to the region. He said “At least they weren’t conquering Everest, or their chances would be non-existent.  The Himalayas are a vast area, so they may have found shelter in a local village, monastery or cave. It’s sparsely populated and they aren’t very experienced, but I think there’s a slim hope.”
The British Embassy in [] is organising a search party of Sherpas to look for the lost woman and her companions, and Mosebury will take the lead. He has vowed to do “…search high and low and do whatever it takes” to find the missing Bergman and her companions.

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Our collection of books to date, plus +Robin Laws The Birds  is now available as a Bundle of Holding - pay $3.95 for two books, or beat the threshold to get all the books. 10% of the proceeds will go to charity.

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I'm backing it for the extra character classes.
Have I mentioned that the Kickstarter for 13th Age in Glorantha starts on Thursday? Here's your chance to get your friends who won't play HeroQuest or RuneQuest hooked on Glorantha. And even if you already have a HQ or RQ group, you'll want to check this out for the cool myth-crawling adventures as the Hero Wars threaten to unravel the Cosmic Compromise!  

I think Hachette and Amazon could learn a lot from ebook retailer OneBookShelf, which trades as drivethrurpg and rpgnow. As is often the case, the hobby games market is way ahead of the mainstream in this regard, just as it was with crowdfunding.

Now there is clear difference in business model between Amazon and OBS - OBS treats publisher more like clients to whom they are are providing a service and sales tools than Amazon, but there are still lessons to learn.

Amazon are attempting to impose pricing on the publisher, arguing that it's better for the reader (lower prices) and the publisher (greater total margin), and Hachette want to control their pricing to get better margins per sale and help their other channels. If Amazon want to discount, the argument goes, they should take the hit.

So with OBS the publisher sets the sale price, and OBS takes a 35% cut. OBS offer publishers the chance to opt-in to sales, offering compelling evidence as to why certain price points and discounts are effective at increasing unit sales and overall margin, even if margin on individual titles is cut.

Publishers can also create their own sales and discount coupons. As a publisher you can also just blanket opt-in to all sales. When publishers agree to opt in to sales -  and this is important - the percentages remain the same. But that opt-in is of the essence. Publishers get to chose whether to put books on sale, and if they want to set a high price and stick with it, it's up to them.

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We really are spoiled for choice. I can live with critical acclaim!
The ENnie Clan Competes
It is such a good year for the ENnie awards that games I might ordinarily vote highest are not only competing with each other, they're competing against 13th Age! It's wonderful that 13th Age is nominated for Best Game, Best Rules, and Product of the Year. ...
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