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Simon Pride
An enthusiast for process, a lover of history
An enthusiast for process, a lover of history

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Podcast "jumps back" at the end of each episode.

When playing back a downloaded podcast, DoubleTwist will play to the end of the podcast, then restart playing about ¾ of the way through the podcast just played. I can't pin the start this behavior to anything in particular. I upgraded to Lollipop and switched to playing media from an SD card about the same time (2-3 months ago) but I cannot be certain that the behavior began with either change.

DoubleTwist error on trying to save podcast with Emoji in title

Recently I started getting error messages that DoubleTwist was unable to download files, suggesting "Is your SD card mounted?" I isolated the podcast in question to the "The Dalrymple Report", episode 7, whose title is entirely Emoji.

Is this a file system problem on the SD card or a DoubleTwist issue?
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