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ASCII a stupid question, get a stupid ANSI
ASCII a stupid question, get a stupid ANSI

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So I've been out of any serious action for a little while (broke my clavicle in May) and starting to just regain a bit of fitness again. I have my sights set on the Brecon Midnight Marathon next June 2016. For a runner who's not ran a marathon before, but a fair few road and trail halves, has anyone had any good success with a specific trail marathon training plan?

The MMM has 4,300ft gain (so not huge, but more than your average road race!) so I would expect a lot of hill training.

Maybe someone has used a normal road marathon plan and mixed hill training in as well? Brutalevents do list a 16 week training plan on their website, so all else fails, I'll follow that.

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The annoying bike noise I'm trying to get to the bottom of in yesterday's post...

Hi guys, just started cycling really for commuting purposes and have started taking it out for weekend rides now I'm enjoying it.

I've bought a single speed bike from mango bikes and all is well, except now I've ran it in over the past few months, my rear hub or chain or pedals are making a clacking noise and for the life of me I can't work out what it is.

It's a bit like the sound it would make changing gears when the chain moves over before clicking in place, but as I've a single speed it can't be that.

Anyone got some suggestions to hunt down the noise? It seems to only happen when turning the pedals at least, as the noise stops when freewheeling.

Looking for a sub 1:50 half marathon training plan, preferably in km that due to work, I need to do in a lunch hour. (So max one hour runs midweek).

Anybody have any good recommendations?

Any Macmillan or Teenage Cancer Trust runners out there, where do you get the running vests/tops from? Self purchased, if so, where from? 

Just to say thanks Garmin for finally fixing up and releasing the new Garmin connect app for android.

Live track and Bluetooth sync baby!!!


Odd request and possibly a long shot.

Has anyone done the (UK) Bath half marathon before? I'd like to take a look at a gpx to see what I'm up against come March.

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Love the guys over at smashrun - such a great site. Ties in the gimmicks with the hardcore stats for a perfect blend, depending how you're feeling.

On the off chance one of the 17,000 strong community members is from the Wiltshire, UK area.

I'm around Salisbury for the weekend and wondered if there were any good recommended trail runs or areas before I go make up my own and inevitably get lost!

Hills. My arch nemesis.

I've got around 4 weeks until I tackle the fan dance "race". It's probably a bit late to do anything mega meaningful now but better late than never.

What sort of hill training do you guys do? Is it as simple as run up a hill as fast as possible and jog down and repeat? Do you find different gradients for long hills and short steep hills? How often does hill work fit into the overall training? How much is too much hill training?
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