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Does anyone in the UK have a Huawei 6P on EE working with WiFi calling?

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That's one way of getting your product noticed ....

Just started watching Season 1 y'all !

Has anyone got one of the new Cyanogenmod 10.2 nightly builds working on a Samsung GT-N8010 10.1 Tablet?  If so which version are you running?

The first 10.2 nightly bricked my tablet needing a full wipe.

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Well if you've got more money than sense ...

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My face if I win a Million £s tonight !

Oooh Betty !!

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WTF !??  A Zonkey !???
It's a  Zonkey!

Offspring of male zebra and female donkey born in Italy

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The Abergavenny Food Festival September 21st-22nd 2013 - Tickets are now on sale !

A good couple of days with some excellent food and drinks  :)
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