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The first airline safety video I've wanted to watch to the end...
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...or really want to fly again.
I fly AirNZ quite a bit, they always have creative safety videos. This is one of the better ones though. 
I have really tried hard to watch it till the end but I couldn't 
A FANTASTIC briefing!!!!  LOVED IT!!!
Rita B.
How come I never see fun video's like that when I fly?
Well, you were absolutely right. I did watch all of it. Twice !!!
Sean G
Awesome balls!!!!
Charming, I actually wanted to finish it too, great share!
So epic great. Okay Southwest Airlines, let's see what you can do!
Not good at all . . low on humour, low on entertainment and most of all you won't remember it as it missed the most important thing to give it that WOW factor . . they wasted a great opportunity but credit for giving it a go
I can't believe I watched the whole thing. Too funny!
Wow, just wow, totally didn't see that coming.
Yeah, its good. But it`s not the first one I have seen to the end. The Southwest Airlines Safety Rap, is probly the first one I have seen to the end. SAS have made a follow up. But Air NZ is the so far the best.
I'm ready to go down under!
Now I'd like to see an Aperture Science one. That would be hilarious!
That was awesome. Now I need to go catch the idea I have for my essay before watching this.
Their best safety video was the gin Wigmore one... 
hahaha this was awesome!
BillyT would've beaten this with just one line :P
thats so....... weird.... and awesome at the same time
kneel forward placing your head between your legs and kiss your rearend goodbye.
Oops didn't mean to make that all caps
Pretty fun . . . except for perpetuating the myth about cell phones and airplane systems . . . 

Also, business premier seats - screw that whole "seat-back upright" thing. You payed more.
Better than most, Virgin has a good one too.
At first the song made me think it was a segment out of titanic and thought "what will be the passengers reaction when the ship crashes" awesome though!
Yep...that's about the only one i watched from start to finish too :)
Rob C
Fly, you fools! 
I don't want my pilots thinking they're all powerful wizards.  They can be a handful as it is...
Cool! I was grinning through the entire thing!
They always do a great job.  Video during the Rugby World Cup was brilliant.
I loved the sigh from Sauron when the flight attendant said all electronic devices were to be switched off. huff 
These instructions are way more specific than the ones in the US.
American Airlines should do this

make sure you see all the other Air NZ safety videos. Some may be confusing if you don't know the All Blacks but good nevertheless.
that is just plain awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That was a movie not a safety video.
As someone who's just flown places, I approve of this message.
Why was Waldo putting away the luggage?
I love it :-) two thumbs up
now that was truly awesome...:)
Absolutely fantastic, although mine suddenly stopped before finishing. Mr. Branson, are you watching?
Tea Pot
This is great!
Very clever and looks like a nice airline, especially for business premium!
Awesome! First safety briefing I've watched all the way through. 
Speechless, I always love those funny announcement of the flight screws. But this is, wow; the best.
I'd still be kissing my arse good buy! Cool video but does it help in such a situation ? Refer to begging of note?…
ha ha ha. simon phipps
Virgin has decent ones "If you are part of the 0.01% of people who have never seen a seatbelt..."  That said, this blows it away.  
I so wanna pair of hobbit hairy foot socks.
#twt that's far better than the recent smegair safety notice I had to endure.
How dreary and over-contrived...
It's betterthan the nude one that they were using a few years ago.
Way motley crew. Would've been good with the Datsuns in there too. 
The soundtrack in the background is kind of dumb, but otherwise, THAT'S EPIC!
Very clever, noticed the Witch-king of Angmar is an Iphone user. It is always the evils ones 
Yeah, I was't too happy about it either until my dad explained the entire situation to me. I had forgotten that Lucas had originally planned for seven movies but probably got tired of making them when he got to six. So now that I know they're finishing the series, I'm happy.
The cutest information video belongs to Pegasus Airlines, check it out!
The best airline safety video i have seen - very clever 
I wish they did this more often. Good marketing for movies too
Jay Tee
Now that is creativity.  Haha.
Absolutely entertaining. Kept my attention throughout the entire video. Each airline should create up to ten different creative ways to say this same info. Happy laughing passengers equal a customer service win :-)

(follow me ^_^)
Very creative and much better than the usual.
I wish more airlines did stuff like that. It's always so dull aboard an airplane...
Air New Zealand always has the best safety videos. Great airline too.
How much they change for a return ticket for the goat!!?
wow interesting, gonna get on a plane see these people
Omg! That was the coolest video I have ever seen! So amazingly cool! Loved it!
Oh I forgot it was an airline safety video.. I kept wondering why haven't the movie started
....................????????????? Um Okay
They are never like this on the plane. Guy on this video is in think it was called the almighty johnstons.
Anyone how remembers their adverts from a few years ago will love this one too.
I so want to be on that flight :)
Air travel with a sense of humour! There's an idea
wow! the best ! SQ has to learn this quickly ...
Very creative...well done!
Simply brilliant!! Thanks for sharing this really amusing video.
Haha and Peter Jackson! Precious !
Quality - as +Sean Tierney says with a sense of humour - I really hope NZ take this on officially, I love it!
Creative one .....better explained...
I may go so far as to get 1, just for the sake of doing something productive. Lmfao
That was awesome! Makes me wanna fly Air New Zealand again!
Haven't seen the hobbit yet. Starting to think it will be a bad idea. Really blant and down the mittle. 
Well done . Great thought has gone into that. Mary
I like virgin america's. Its pretty good. This is great.
Good on them, but still couldn't watch it till the end.
Shows why they get away with putting so much crap on tv when so many people can be amused by watching this. 
Ryan Ng
Who cares about the other ones... this is awesome
I couldn't help but notice the fact that their first class have footrests and their televisions have remote controls.

I feel like Canada's seriously missing something.
This is now the only airline I want to fly on. 
Hey you think we 're going to crash man? --aww man I don't know I know one thing she's nice man.think that's the conversion these two dudes are having --awesome man don't go in there
JP Lang
Most excellent and good.
+Simon Phipps thanks for sharing! Those of is who travel regularly for business and family alike will appreciate this video. 
One does not simply fly into Mordor...
Hahahaha good one +khalid aziz 
Evne if I'm on the flight, it does bore me to see the air hostess give us safety precaution tips and reading the manual has never been that boring. But this video is cool!
Simply fascinating! And such a great way to capture the attention.
Thanks, this is so awesome!
Can't believe I watched the whole thing.....
Мне понравилось. Действительно круто.)
It was cool! Very creative caught myself watching it to the end too first one I ever watched to the end.
It's pretty awesome,Id rate it uh 81/2...
These kiwis are really embracing this Hobbit crap...
love air new zealand. Flight to london always perfect 
three cheers for NZ, home of the best natural grass-fed meat....and organic vegetables....
Very innovative and informative.. 
U'll have to fly again with them so u can watch it untill the end..... Lol~
Watched from start to finish...loved it!
Way to make a boring activity fun!!!
Love this! Can't wait for the Hobbit!
This is sooo cool!!! 
sorry,i didnt watch da video cuz of no flash player
since i was young i was terrified of these videos... idk 
Just a few days ago was thinking about it when they will change their safety video with a fresh one. And here you go. Bloody crazy kiwis. 
Very good but unfortunately I could not watch
Pity they didn't spend the money paying out the Ansett workers
NZ really has adopted this concept with all the potential cringe and it has paid off. Well done. 
very nice and useful video...
What airline is this? i wanna fly with em
If I recall correctly this same airline had a safety video with chicks wearing body paint as well. 
That's perdy sweet! I enjoyed it. Definitely better than the ones I've seen. 
Very Cool and Really Awesome ......
I thought, that  as per face reading of passengers and  seen their 'eyes' and  'mind,   plain hijacked  by any body and he is  issuing warning  to them..
Awesome, makes me want to go to new Zealand even more now
Pretty fancy, but what's with the porthole entrance??
this is really cool and interesting...wish more airlines will innovate their safety videos
Love it...creative...3 in one promotion, safety, air new zealand n new up comin movie, hobbit

Wow! and it appears like a shot out of one of those harry potter movies
I would buy a air plane ticket just to see this.
Wonderfull sense of humour !...Loved it...Nice one AirNZ...Can't wait for the sequel ..... hehe....
Awesome but I don't think I want to fly with them
Don't leave your phone around for others to make mischievous posts .apologise to everybody concerned

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