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Great introduction to LibreOffice from +Nixie Pixel that's worth sharing with friends.
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I tried to download libre and it told me i needed a quickload installer but it was no where on the page . I still would like to have the program. does anybody know how to download and install it ? I have a windows 7 system .
It's because Windows 7 & and Microsoft suck. Posted from a Mac =).
+Ken Montville - There's a brand new web site for asking these sorts of questions, I suggest you give it a try as there's more likely to be someone with an answer who will see your questions. It's - see you there!
I've been a user of OpenOffice/LibreOffice for more than 10 years. It is a okay piece of software and has for the most part met my needs.
I haven't had MS Office for over 3 years. I use Open Office and Google docs and have never had any problems with document sharing with clients and for the most part I send out PDFs anway. Right now the only programs that I religiously buy upgrades for is Adobe CS.
+Logan D. yeah cause office and the OS are mades from the same departments . . . posted by a windows 8 developer who has used windows mac and ubuntu for years. also where is apples office? because all the people i know who use mac use microsoft office for mac.
+Ken Montville upload it to iCloud. Download it as .docx or whatever then save it and open it with Open Office.
+Ken Montville Seriously, that was one of the reasons I gave my iPad to my wife and got an ASUS Transformer (Android tablet) instead. Haven't looked back...
I can't stand OpenOffice. I can't use it with a lot of my Microsoft files.
Word processing programs are sooooo 2001. Google Docs anyone?
Don't let the big corps stop the open source spreading!
I've used openoffice/libreoffice for a few years - and continue to do so, yet I still find MS office is leaner (memory footprint), faster (slide copies, navigation) and better fidelity (when a requirement is to exchange ms office format files)

It's mostly good enough, and improving but sometimes I admit I yearn to just getting an Office 2010 license for a simple life.
LibreOffice is a great piece of software - that being said, it is still not 100 percent absolutely compatible with Microsoft Office (not the fault of the LibreOffice people) - and so, I continue to use Microsoft Office for some things.

I do technical document consulting for the nuclear industry, and so, I require things to be absolutely perfect (understandably).
I got office 2010+ and a refurbished computer from (Non profit Computers dot org) for $444. I have not had so much fun in the last 10 years.
ms ftw,, 90% of the business use office.... if you want to screw Microsoft make a OPEN-SOURCE EXCHANGE
Is this saying Open Office is no longer supported?
@Peter B - OpenOffice is still going but it underwent a "pause" phase while moving out of Oracle over to the Apache Group. It's back in full swing again and a new release is undergoing refinement and testing right now.
wonderful video...
as we live in a vacuum...
our internet connections will propel us to other worlds...
my hat goes off to the bold people...
who stand in lines of progress...

traditional views of "that's the way we do it"
are being replaced by wonderful thoughts of powerful freedoms our worlds...

hopefully are only beginning to inspire...

if we all connect in the name of goodness..

we'll inspire our kids long beond our ancestors hopes and dreams....
Following on from +Peter Barbella, I've been using OpenOffice for several years and never heard of LibreOffice. Is there are difference between these two or are they exactly the same?
+Bassem Sawas, +Peter Barbella - When was being neglected by Oracle in mid-2010 (the last release was well before that), most of the community created a "fork" of the code and called it LibreOffice.

Since then they have been making new releases regularly, tidying up the code to make it smaller and faster, adding new features and making it easier for new contributors to join in. They just created an independent Foundation to host the work and the community now has hundreds of active contributors - see for some statistics.

I've been using LibreOffice ever since the fork and I've seen a huge improvement. The community just release a new version, 3.5 - I suggest you give it a try! Go to
+Bjoern Michaelsen It's a pity that YouTube didn't link to her posting somehow - I posted from there. If only there was a way to merge the two streams.
+Simon Phipps Yes, this web2.0 thingies should be more smart about this ;). I just wanted to make sure +Nixie Pixel doesnt miss out her fame, reportedly we are getting only 15 Minutes in one life.
Hope Google Docs take top position soon
Google Docs SO need to come out with an offline version that syncs when connected to the internet.
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