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Something good for my American friends.
Sign this White House petition to restore original copyright term (14 years plus 14-year renewal). If enough people sign, the administration has to at least respond. We all know that the response will be, "No way," but why not get yourself on the record anyway? I am. 
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I think a 28-year total term is just fine. I'm not optimistic about its chances, given that Congress' most recent actions on Copyright have been attempts to maximize the legal rights of content owners. Perhaps if the people speak loudly enough, that will change.
+Tom Fonteyne Probably true. I think things like SOPA and ACTA have put such issues even more on the front page for people who are relatively tech savvy, but I think the average person going about their daily lives doesn't feel much of an interest in how long or short the copyright term is, and thus there is not much political capital to be had by focusing on reform as a politician. But I do think the public is much more knowledgeable on the issue as a whole than they were even a year ago, so maybe we're moving in the right direction in terms of awareness.
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