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I'm considering using G+ as the social network for my professional life and Facebook as the social network for my family life. Any views on how well that will work?
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I do not know how that will work for your family life but it will work well for the professional one. I have already seen quite a few Open Source people here.
That could work. Personally I created a 'Family' circle so I can share with them here as well, but then, I never really shared with family on FB, so I had an unfilled need anyway.
I really aspire being able to just ditch Facebook and just use Google+ ... I already loathe having to get back on Facebook nowadays
I think Google+ will take it all. Circles are a good mechanism to manage familiy stuff and professional networks on the same platform.
The problem for me - and I suspect others - is that the social graph they have been constructing over an extended period will be very hard to reconstruct over here, especially for people (shock!) with no existing Google account who will find sign-up less smooth. The consequence will be family members will keep needing to share in both places, and with no automatic way to do that I am pretty sure they just won't.
You can import the facebook graph using yahoo as a bridge.
Hopefully they won't find the signup process too complicated—much care went into make that easy. But also, we've made an effort to have much of Google+ work even if they don't sign up. I.e., you can post to them and share photos with them, etc., just via their email address.

Fortunately, unless your family is very large, you really only need a few people using it to reach critical mass.

Curious to hear how this works out.
IT people are already migrating. The rest will follow. I am more concerned that Google might forget the importance of a Federated Social Web.
Why is Google not using Facebook API to import the data directly?
Not sure why that would be an either/or... Features like Hangouts and fine grained sharing control seem more applicable to private use; at least to me.

And, as DeWitt said, you can simply put emails into your circles, so at least some of the sharing will work without requiring everybody to sign up first.
What I think some comments are missing is the browseability of Facebook. Family members spend significant time browsing contacts and seeing what has happened in their lives. This is not a matter of actively directed sharing, more of enabling casual sharing in a way that I don't think is so easy in G+.

G+ is certainly a fine venue for active sharing with control over which groups "hear" which information. That's why I suspect it will be very suitable for my professional life, where active conversations are also preferred.
I have a very similar situation as you, +*****. The biggest shortcoming for me is that I want to offer a lot of professional public posts on G+, but I don't want to subject my friends and family to those. If there were a way to post to public minus circles, I'd be set from an architectural standpoint.

Even then, though, as a practical matter, getting dozens of people I care about on Facebook to G+ would be difficult, and I for one am reluctant to pester people to move or complicate their social networking lives. If it were just me they were connecting with online, it wouldn't be a big deal, but it's more complicated: they'd have to get their contacts here, too. Otherwise people will divide their time on two social networks. I'm not convinced people want to do that so much.

To your point, +DeWitt Clinton, it's not just the process of signing up for a Gmail account. That's pretty easy. It's importing your address book that's a hassle so that G+ has something to work with. Sure, for techie types like you and me, it's not so terrible (though I spent hours scrubbing my Yahoo database before importing it to Gmail), but I have a lot of people who don't have the time, aptitude, or inclination.
I guess some People will want to use a Social Network where they can fertilize their friend's crops. And I also hope that sort of thing will not come to G+. Thus, a feature might be nice where I could also share stuff to my Facebook wall ( just like stuff I do on flickr shows up on FB). If that would include comments on that post from Facebook showing up to G+ users: extra brownie points ;)
G+ is much better at facilitating discussion and broad communication and that makes it very well suited for the role Simon suggests.
Simon Phipps
To expand on Stephen's points, there are key capabilities that seem to be missing:

Omit Circles From Stream
I want to be able to put all my noise sources into groups that are excluded from the main Stream view so I can watch them only when needed.

Omit Circles From Share
I want to be able to share stuff with all my circles except one or two. The only way I can find to do this now is to add them all one by one (and I already have loads).

Nest Circles
I want to be able to nest circles in circles. For example, I want to have all my family in my neighbourhood circle, and all of them in my wider family circle, as well as all of them in their own circle.

These three together would give me the control needed to seperate the life roles I play sufficiently to bring them all to G+. They wouldn't, of course, address the challenge of getting family members on facebook to switch :-)
Another question : if the question of Simon seems reasonable, manageable, easy, even if we can extract the data from G+ to keep a backup of them through googleTakeout, do we really want all the people to have an account on google's machines ? Do we want Google to collect even more info on all of us ?
ps: I already go nuts trying to keep track of Simon's webmink feeds and blogs, .com / .net / computerworld / facebook; hence I would be way more interested in his implementing integration than partition.
Simon is everywhere, so your chances that his integration effort really works are meek
+1 to omits and nested circles. So far, from what I've seen G+ has been oriented to personal profiles (apparently search gives precedence to personal account over business address, in case you have several profiles).

Google's comments about G+ for business:

PS: After this test, I'd certainly add "beautify links to publications or automated citation tool" to the wishlist.
googling for google plus nested circles turns up this thread. =) I wholeheartedly agree about nested circles. I'm not sure how Google managed to not include it in their initial release, as it seems an obvious requirement if they want to lead the way into a less awkward future of social networking contact management.
+John Prather My guess is that Google has thought about the idea but wanted to start with a more manageable feature set, especially for the intense debugging period. If you want to accommodate everybody's desired feature, you'll never ship anything, and Google likes to release early and iterate often, when it can. Google+ was already a pretty sprawling, complex project when it launched in beta. But yeah, I want some better circle management, too.
Just found out that Ctrl-click does NOT open a link from this thread in another tab (at least in Chrome 12.0…). [UPDATE: does not work on +Felipe Ortega 's link — because it's…? — but does work on a link to a different domain]
Boo hiss.

Summary of what I lost after clicking said link:
• Also thought of nested circles and circle exclusion, and a search found this result as #1
• I like the idea of custom feed as well
• (probably like what +Thomas Uhl references) There is or probably will be development that enables duplication or parsing of one feed to another so people on different networks don't need to duplicate posts
• Not sure if using separate networks for different areas of my life would suit me - I think I'd rather be able to easily manage either or both (or all) of my networks by sharing things with the appropriate groups or circles. Hope it works out for you, though. It'll be easier to make that decision as things develop here.
Given that the mantra of Google+ has been managing your social structure as in real life I think that nested circles are a must. For example I already have three friends circles from different periods of my life. It would be great to keep these under one larger circle allowing easier structure but also reducing the clutter that is appearing already.
I was searching for nested circles as well, and, as above, this thread came up. We definitely need nested circles :-)
I want nested circles. I also want the ability to mute certain people from my stream - you know the type the people that share many things with many people commenting. This actually locks up the google+ app on my iphone. I also want to omit circles from sharing. Google folks if you are listening, please, please, please with whip cream and a cherry on top add these 3 features! Thanks! =)
I like Google+ but won't start inviting my Facebook friends en mass until I see nested circles. Otherwise circles are too cumbersome to be useful and Google+ doesn't offer enough added value to justify switching.

Another weird thing I've just started seeing. Someone can add me to their circles without asking me...that's fine, I don't care about them...except that now their posts show up in my "Incoming" area. I have to explicitly block this person that added me because Google recommended me for no apparent reason. I shouldn't have to do that. I haven't added them to any of my circles, so I shouldn't see anything about them. Period.
+Jay Miller I know this thread is a bit old, but if you haven't found a better solution, if you don't want a specific person's junk appearing in your feed, add them to a "JUNK" circle, click into that circle, and move the slider to "show nothing in my feed" at the top, thats what I do. :-)
+1 For nested circles! They are a must
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