Sleeping giant...

Waikuku Beach in the district of Waimakariri, North Canterbury - a nearby favourite location of mine, approximately 30km north of Christchurch.

This stretch of coastline is wonderful for capturing numerous washed up objects, especially during sunrise before any footprints 'intrude' on the frame... I love this time of day - bliss!

It was the large piece of driftwood buried in the sand that caught my attention, along with the rising sun which was casting some beautiful subtle light across both the mid and foreground area... camera and filter at the ready, I snapped away before the moment passed!

To view the same piece of driftwood - yet captured in a completely different light, please click here:

Camera Model: Nikon D700; Lens: Nikkor 16-35mm f/4G; Focal length: 20mm; Aperture: f/22; Exposure time: 1/4s; ISO: 200

Filter: Formatt Hitech; Neutral Density Graduated (ND 0.9 Hard Edge)

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