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Hmmm. I do love Tumblr, but Search and refinding basically suck. Still, I keep having conversations with people who are inept at Twitter, shudder at running their own server and/or who have bad feelings about blogging who are starting a Tumblr. For me, Tumblr is all about the bookmarklet - and it IS blogging. Here's my main one 
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I have no idea where the .net came from <blush>. It's - here's the view I like the best (which, in truth, is the only option Tumblr offers for refinding stuff - and the reason I only post 'image-based' stuff.)

I have played with other use cases. This one is a longitudinal thing to collect 'single words illustrated' which I quite like

This one's interesting for three reasons - I forgot I had it, is one. The other two are the fact that I thought I hardly ever used it but there's a whole bunch of stuff there which, I guess, shows easy it is to use

Also, randomly, there's a photo of you there! :-)

I love the 'net's serendipity.
The only way I find my tumblr posts are by searching my tumblr rss in google reader...such a pain though....Google once indexed it, and then I recall some changes happened in the settings, so I went in there and found a check box so it's re-indexed....but Google still doesn't like my blog
.... which is a shame, because your Tumblr is completely awesome. There is a workaround for this, I think. Which sounds fiddly, but, in the long run, I'm sure would work out well.

Here goes:
Sign up with
They have a 'forever free' account which allows you to install 3 apps. (You should definitely DEFINITELY play with ThinkUpApp. But that's another story.)
Install Wordpress. You now have a Wordpress install on a free server.
Wordpress works pretty well out of the box = EASY.
Next, go to Plug-ins in the lefthand menu and install this:
Run this.
Then install this plug-in (or one like it):
And set it up so it autoposts to your new Wordpress site.
Then you get the Tumblr bookmarklet and an auto-populated Wordpress site you can install Google site search on.
For bonus points, install Open Calais and have the archive auto-tagged:

Sorry, that's a bit sketchy. I was thinking aloud, more than anything else. I've done all of the above. But never together. So I think it should work and take around an hour of active time (plus a while longer passive time while the various things run cron jobs). But you'd 'own' your Tumblr data and have it searchable.

Too much? Happy to help if it sounds interesting, if you need it.
thx Simon will read your comments in more detail...pity my wordpress blog is hosted by a third party, so I can't install plugins myself....kind of bored of blogging at the moment...oops did I just say that
thx for the elaborate instructions...lately not as enthusiastic as I used to be so I'll shelf it for now...thx heaps though
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