+Chris Pirillo isn't allowing comments on his link (http://goo.gl/2as5z), so it's hard to "step up" to his "complete dick" dummy spit, but there are perfectly valid reasons for blocking ads.  Aside from the obvious, examples include saving bandwidth, speeding up page loads, avoiding inappropriate content, and helping to prevent malware exploits. The Internet was doing just fine before we got bombarded with ads. As the newspaper industry has learned, and many others before it, adapt or die.
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Ad blocking software is one of the reasons I have such a hard time paying the bills these days. I work hard, very hard in fact, to produce free content and distribute information. Thousands of words per day, every day.

This used to allow me to pay the rent and put food on the table. Now, ad revenue is quickly drying up because everyone and anyone has an ad blocker. To make matters worse, traffic numbers are going up which means hosting costs are rising as well. Please take a moment to consider just how much you're hurting us when you block ads on our sites.
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