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What Cycling Computer system do you use and what is your favourite display set-up and why?
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edge 800. first screen has 6 items (power, speed, hr, cad, dist, time of day), next 2 screens have 10 items on them. i don't need to see all the data but there is always a time when i want to see one of them. i'm an engineer, i need to see data.
Heh :) Sigma BC106L (wired). Usually set up to show cadence & speed, occasionally distance & speed if I have a target in mind.
Edge 500 speed ,distance, time %grade,avg speed . I have used do course feature which is neat
Oregon 400t (mounted at bike) and Forerunner 305 as backup.
Oregon with cadence, HR, altidute and Time
FR 305 with time, dist., HR and Cadence.
So i have a good control of my cad. and HR. (i prefare training HR focused).
Edge 500 - Primary Display Cadence, HR then Speed. I don't have a power unit installed so HR one of my primary "feedbacks". That and the screams from my lungs and legs. Cadence to remind me to keep on top of things and speed because, well it is nice to know. I've been riding these velocipedes for a while now and usually know within 2-3rpm what my cadence is, but I still like to see it. Don't know why...

Like Peter above, my next two screens are chock full of data, just because I can :-) ----

Just read the details and saw that you were looking for "race day" setup rather than training. Haven't raced in a while, but I'd swap the Speed for Distance. Knowing how far into a race (or how far left) becomes more important that speed when racing. I also like to keep that primary screen as simple and uncluttered as possible.
Ron Ng
I have Edge 500. On my primary screen, I have Speed, heart rate, distance, grade, and cadence. Gotta fix my cadence sensor, but I wanted my speed to be the biggest display, hence the odd number of fields in the display. I too don't have a power meter. I was going to add altitude, but that would mean speed would be displayed at a smaller size. On my second screen, I have elevation, total ascent, max speed, time of day, then temp.
I actually use a Forerunner 305 and couldn't be happier. I know some of the other Garmin products are more cycling specific but most are outside of my budget. The Forerunner 305 has a cycling mode as well as a heart rate monitor.
Mickey, I love the Forerunner. I had one for the last 5 years. Unfortunately it died this Summer and I decided to replace it with the Edge since I have now ll but given up running.

For the $$ the Forerunner is an awesome device. I just wanted something a little less cumbersome for the bike...
For Roadrace i use the Edge 500 and for my Holidays the Edge 800.
Edge500: Ride time, speed, average speed, time of day and distance. Page 2: Distance, heading, speed, av speed, HR. I don't use the cadence sensor since I broke it in a crash and I didn't feel it was worth replacing.
Edge 500. The first page is split into 7 panes and has lap time across the the top. Left side shows instant power, 30 sec power, then lap avg power- the 3 power reads helps to keep intervals consistent. Right side shows cadence, speed and heart rate.

The second page only shows stuff that would be helpful in a race, like time, distance, speed, cadence. No power on that page.

The third page is idle curiousity page: calories burned, max watts, percentage grade.
Edge 705 HR on top/Cadence in the Middle and Lap on the bottom.
I can read it, I can monitor my HR to keep from over doing it (or get frustrated because the groups going too slow Cadence = HR) Lap time usually just for the ride but in training I do use it.
+Ray Maker I don't really have a reason for not using 3 sec average power. The current power is there more out of habit then anything else.

I'll try it and let you know what I think.
Makes sense. Just didn't know if there was a reason. For the benefit of others - the primary reason folks tend to use 3s power over instant is the jumpiness of instant power (i.e. it'll show 210w,195,231,201,205,196, etc), versus the 3s is kinda smoothed a little bit. I personally tend to use 3s and 30s. I use 3s as my pseudo instant and 30s as my pacing power.
What computer do the pros use in the Le Tour?
This is an interesting thread. I use a Garmin 500 with no power data but a lot of info on all 3 screens. Screen 1 is the one I leave it on most of the time. It includes speed, distance, avg speed, elevation, time of day, and time. Screen 2 is mostly heart rate functions- heart rate, avg hr, hr % max, hr zone, heading, and temperature. Screen 3 is one that I use sometimes for rides with a lot of climbing- speed, vert speed, distance, max speed, avg speed, elevation, % grade, and total ascent.
I wonder when will Garmin update the Edge 500 to display TSS?
The Edge 500 will be updated with TSS in a few weeks. The current plan was to have the Edge 800 by the end of September, then the Edge 500, then the FR310XT. However, some work around the FR910XT and getting that out the door has led to a slight resource allocation, so they might be a couple weeks behind schedule on the Edge 500 update. It'll include TSS/IF/NP.
Did not know that the Edge 500 could display 10 fields on one page. I'll have to check that when I get home.
I can't remember exactly what info I display on each page, but each page has seven items, with time, altitude, and distance being the bigger fields on each page. The first page shows info I might want at any time during the ride (i.e., time, distance, cadence, heart rate), the second page climbing info (i.e., altitude, gradient, total ascent, cadence, heart rate), and the third page is a summary of my ride (i.e., distance, time, average speed, calories).
+Chuck Clark as far as I can remember (I don't have my 500 in front of me....) the 500 is limited to 8 fields and the 800 has 10 fields.
+Simon Masters Sorry, I misread the comment. I thought he was talking about the 500, but as I look back, I realise it was the 800 he was talking about.
Little late coming into this one, but I'm tired of hearing Garmin Edge 500 everywhere. Polar CS600X user.
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