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Merry After-Christmas... I guess? Free Hodor please :(

To get this clear first: I never used any apps, utilities or other things to help me in Ingress, neither with locations, nor with in-game-functions. The maximum here was "Glyph predict" which doesn't affect the game's data.

Today, I started my scanner, placed three resonators, but couldn't hack. Seems okay, could be a normal error. Restarted the scanner, no portals, no XM, nothing. Asking the resistance community "are the servers down?" "no, works fine". Okay? Suddenly, new E-Mail. "Your account has been terminated" WHAT?! What for? For "Spoofing" three streets further because my Wi-Fi at home made it so? For the "Spoofing" in the tram because the GPS from the One Plus One doesn't work well? I didn't do anything wrong!

Dear Niantic, please look it up once again, I really love this game and Level 15 was hard to reach! I don't want to get a new account, a new guardian portal, etc.

Please try to fix this! 2016 was bad enough...

ElHodore, LVL 15, Resistance

+Ingress+Nia Ops+Niantic Project+Anne Beuttenmüller+Ethan Lepouttre+Matilde Tusberti​​+Susanna Moyer+Klue S.+Hank Johnson​

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Nice one...
48hr Giveaway
I'm giving away a Ticwatch 2
Brand new in box, Charcoal & a spare band.

Ways to win
> +1 this Post
> Share this Post (on Google+)
> Comment on this Post why you'd like a Ticwatch 2

For every one of the above that you do, you get 1 entry.
So, if you +1, Share & Comment, you get 3 chances to win!

Rule (there's only 1)
> Maximum of 1 Comment. If you Comment more than 1X, you're completely disqualified

That's it.
Simple as that.
No restrictions on who can/can't win.
I'll make it an international giveaway.
It starts now & ends 2pm PST / 5pm EST on Sunday, October 9th after that I'll close the Comments. If you miss the 48hr window, sorry, but don't message me on Hangouts to extend it, it won't happen.
Sunday afternoon I'll calculate the results & randomly select the winner, then ship the watch the next week.

So, g'luck everyone!

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Did you...

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Eddie the Eagle himself at Megaplex Linz!

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Next stop - Singapore
Next business trip is to Singapore... 15th November - 21st November

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trip to HK
business trip to hongkong protests keep going on so that a visit of hongkong center was not recommended by the media (chinese and international media)

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it's this time of the year again
it's this time of the year again... hopefully all goes well again!

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Teil mit mir...
Nur für euch: Alle, die diesen Beitrag teilen, können eine #PS4 mit #WatchDogs gewinnen! Viel Glück :) 

(Ende: 4.6.2014)
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