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Help please! +Kristi Hines published this list of "The 20 most influential people in social media" (see article below), and she's done a great job of identifying some very interesting people (+Jay Baer and +Pete Cashmore are particular favourites of mine). However, there's a striking ethnocentricity to the list - i.e. it only includes people based in North America (yes, some of these people were born elsewhere, but from their bios, it seems all now live in the US or Canada). So what about the rest of the world? Last I checked, more than 80% of the world's social media users live outside the US, so I'm guessing there are many more important influencers beyond America's shores. Some suggestions from me (with an Asian bias) are +Paul Papadimitriou, +Thomas Crampton, and +Aaron Lee. Who would you put on your list?
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Hi Simon. My selection process was relatively random. I went to top users on Twitter lists, the Google+ top 100, and various other sources. Then I narrowed that list into people who are not just on social media but also influential in their are of expertise. I didn't think about where people were from, race, etc. I just based it on what they do. With a limit of twenty, and not wanting to research for weeks, it's hard to get an equal worldwide representation. That's why I invited everyone to list their favorites as well. :)

Thanks for sharing and opening up more discussion!
Thank you +Simon Kemp for including my name there. Don't know if I'm worth the honor (I do have comparable metrics than those listed), but you're making a good point about the US centricity of those lists, even if it's mainly an expected dynamic —the network effect of a single massive country where the industry is stronger.
+Kristi Hines what about +Jeremiah Owyang or +Brian Solis though? ;-)
+Kristi Hines Thanks for joining in the discussion! My observation wasn't intended to be criticism; I'm just intrigued how these lists so often miss out the rest of the world.
+Paul Papadimitriou yep. those 2 are definitely in my global list too.
+Aaron Lee thanks for the excellent additions - all very interesting people whom I've now added to my circles.
+Daniel CerVentus thanks for sharing sir - good to meet you!
I know Simon, it's alright. I was thinking about the logistics of doing a worldwide list, but then I thought I'd still be highlighting only English speaking people when the top person in France probably speaks French. Definitely lots of stuff to think about when doing this. In the end though, I figured the site I write for has mostly a North American audience, so it fit that way. Definitely whapped myself in the head when I rememberd +Aaron Lee and +Neal Schaffer as I would have loved to include them too. Really I could do a top 100 as many people as I follow. :)
Thanks so much +Aaron Lee it really means a lot. These lists ARE impossible to get right but are great nevertheless because they promote band connect good people. Well done Kristi and keep on doing it
+Mari Smith Thanks very much for joining the conversation too! A whole host of great people in there - especially +Niall harbison and the Simply Zesty crew!
+Kristi Hines I like the sound of a top 100! Crowd-sourcing suggestions for that would doubtless lead to huge engagement too, but I agree - somewhat unwieldy when you add in the complications of other languages. I suppose that's a good sign though - social media is now a global phenomenon with a life of its own.
+Kristi Hines +Aaron Lee +MichaelQ Todd Thank you all for the mentions ... it's an honor to have even been considered. I thought your list was excellent, Kristi, and it's unfortunately hard to please everyone, so keep doing what you're doing! However, if you're ever considering doing a top 100 list or an outside of the U.S. list, I'm sure there are many in this conversation who can give you a lot of great suggestions!

Everyone, have a great rest of your weekend!
+Simon Kemp +Kristi Hines I'd like to suggest +Michael van der Galien from Europe, blogger and all around social media guy who posts to Google+ frequently. Some of the people suggested earlier have no public posts at all or just very few... Why would anyone want to follow them? I mean right here, on Google+? :-)
+Krishna De New York in Finland now? :-) +Andrea Vascellari has nothing to do with Finland, I think? Must be an error this...

Not wanting to promote myself but I'm the "Google+ envoy in Finland", according to the local Google Industry Manager... At least I'm diligent! :D
Thanks for the mention +Jaana Nyström I'd add +Brendan Thesingh to that list as well (also from the Netherlands). As an aside, I'm Dutch but I'm living and working in Turkey.

Quite some of these other folks aren't very active so I wouldn't quite see why someone would follow them actively. Perhaps they're great to follow on, say, Twitter, but here? Nope.
+Jaana Nyström Good to meet you. I know +Andrea Vascellari has both Finland and New York in his Twitter profile and has Finland in his LinkedIn profile and that he does travel a lot - apologies if I am mistaken and that he is no longer in Finland. I'll have to leave him to answer that one.
+Mari Smith +Simon Kemp thanks for including me in this list. It's a great honor to be referred to as social media guru and certainly by one of the top gurus in this industry. Thanks Mari.
Hi Everyone,

Hi Jaana,

+Jaana Nyström I've been living and working in Finland since 2005 and I've been researching and studying the Finnish information society cluster since 2002.

In Finland, I'm currently running several projects for national and local governments, regional development, B2B, B2C, pharma and education. If you have a look at the people/connections we commonly share here on Google+ you'll notice that I'm well-networked with the Finnish social media sphere ;)

I'm often a contributor to various international podcasts sharing my point of view from the Finnish perspective (but not only, since I have Italian-Canadian roots) specifically in the fields of PR, marketing and communications. In addition to that, since public speaking is part of what I do, I've been invited to speak at some of the largest conferences in Finland i.e. Mindtrek, ITK, etc. If you quickly browse through my Linkedin profile you'll notice that I've been invited as an official blogger to many industry conferences, such as the LeWeb, Web 2.0 Expo, etc. and I've also represented Finland at two editions of the Bloggers World Forum respectively in Bucharest and Vienna. So these are most likely some of the reasons why you'll find a fairly large group of people worldwide referring to me when they think of Finland - it's the same for me when I think of Ireland and 2 names immediately come to mind +Krishna De and +Bernie Goldbach

On the other hand, leading an international digital strategy agency requires me to travel quite often, but my home is currently in Finland. My team and I work across 4 continents and we recently opened a new office in New York (NYC) so the information you see on my Twitter profile refers to that. I hope this explains and clarifies everything.
Andrea @vascellari
+Andrea Vascellari Well, nice to meet you over the web! Sorry, you really had me fooled with the 'New York' on your hovercard and no mentions about Finland on your profile, my bad as I didn't investigate more. I'm a rookie in this world so didn't know your name: Apologizing in seven different positions... :-)
I learn a lot by watching the upstream social media moves of +tom murphy and his crew at New Tech Post.
Thanks for the kind comments guys and gals! +Mari Smith we owe you a Guinness for all the promotion you do for us!!
Looks like I have some more great people to add to my community. Love it! I absolutely love sharing content, so I really appreciate you sharing your list, as well as the additions in the comments.
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