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Simon Holmes
Web developer, engineer, architect, author
Web developer, engineer, architect, author

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Check out this video on YouTube:Yggdrasil kijiffddrx

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I've written a little article / rant about the MEAN stack. It's more flexible than people give it credit for. Don't pigeon-hole an eagle!

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I'm hiring! Looking for a Deployment Engineer at @LivePerson in the UK. Great position, company, team & clients

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I applaud the initiative, but some of the messaging makes me shudder!

Exposing people to code and learning some basics is a good thing. Saying it's easy and anyone can do it somewhat undervalues the people who are really good at it. It's like football. Everybody can do the basics - kick a ball - but to earn a decent living out of it you need to be pretty damn good.

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Manning have got some great JavaScript books in their Deal of the Day offer today, 8th February. Use the code dotd020814au to get 50% of the following early access books.
AngularJS in Action, by Brian Ford and Lukas Ruebbelke

Node.js in Practice, by Alex Young and Marc Harter

Getting MEAN, by me!

So that's the #MEANstack  covered, with #nodejs   #angularjs  and a good dose of #javascript  

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True enough.

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Well would you look at that... a book by me!

Mongoose for Application Development shows you how to use Mongoose with Node.js and MongoDB. Mongoose is great for dealing with structured data and also provides a whole load of helper methods for making it much easier to work with MongoDB.

#mongoosejs   #nodejs   #mongodb   #book  

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Judging by how much traffic this is getting people are struggling with managing their versions of Node.js

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Looks worth checking out for mobile development
Intel releases HTML5 Cross Platform Development Kit

This could be huge! Intel recently release Intel XDK (Cross Development Kit) with these claims:

With XDK, you can create, debug and build customized, robust HTML5 apps in hours, and the XDK runs on either Mac or PC Platforms. Intel's cloud-based build system turns your HTML5-based apps into 100% native API-compliant mobile apps for iOS or Android, or you can deploy them as webapps or Chrome apps. All from a single code base!

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Nice (free) online app for load testing web apps and APIs.
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