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'Quickly' seems to do for Linux (or at least Ubuntu) app development what Rails did for web development - a single, coherent workflow, conventions and end-to-end support. Very interesting...
Take 5 minutes to get to know Quickly. With Quickly installed, press Ctrl+Alt+T to open the Terminal and create a new project by typing: $ quickly create ubuntu-application my-new-project. You should ...
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Now all they need is an app store... oh, wait. There is one. Can you sell software in the Ubuntu Software Centre? And a quick look says yes. Neat.

Year of Linux on the Desktop? :-)
This could be just like a mobile app store - only problem is that Ubuntu needs real apps, not dinky little slapped-together-in-a-weekend stuff. Well this is obviously supposed to be a gateway to real app dev - lets hope it works. (If not, maybe Stream on Linux will do the rest. :) )
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