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Simon Hay
I'm a healer, a medium, and a writer. I live in Australia and work for the world.
I'm a healer, a medium, and a writer. I live in Australia and work for the world.

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Thank you to everyone who attended my mentoring and conversations with spirit event at Pike Creek Reiki and Healing Arts Centre last night. The energy in the room & transformational healings that occurred was amazing. I'm grateful for spirit's & my spirit team's support. Thank you Tammy Petruccelli & Michelle Buss for your love & support.
I was all jacked up after the event & didn't fall asleep until after midnight. Slow start this morning. Gegu, Jesus & I are eating scrambled eggs & Donkey's having a green juice. It's all angels & cowboys here. Talk soon, Simon

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I'm excited to be presenting #SoulHealing & stage readings in #WilmingtonDE #WilliamsburgVA #LancasterPA #ColumbiaMD & #BaltimoreMD
I'd love to meet you at an event or for an in-person #healing & reading.

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In this article, some things to reflect on if you're booking to see me for a distant or in-person healing & reading. Grateful to Donna for providing this testimonial.
From the article: "Reflecting on Donna’s experiences during and results after healings, I feel this is important and relevant. Donna contacts me with a clear intention; heal me."
Looking forward to seeing you & friends soon. Angels & cowboys, Simon
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Soul Healing & Hypothyroidism
Thank you, C, for this testimonial. I encourage clients to have more than
one session if they don’t get a noticeable health response after the first.
Often, the first session deals with emotional trauma. Also, if clients are
fixated on receiving messages fr...

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Come say 'hello" to me on my U.S. tour:

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Soul Healing is the Real Deal
People don’t generally walk around thinking
about the spirits of ancestors, angels, and helpful forces that may be around
them. Many people don’t even believe that such a thing exists. But for people
who have had personal encounters with Simon Hay, experien...

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I'm looking forward to meeting you at my events in the U.S. in September 2016:

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#Tidewater   #Virginia   there are 3 chances to get up close and personal with Soul Healer, Simon Hay. Simon is bringing a night of transformation to #Richmond   #Williamsburg and #VirginiaBeach in September. At each event, some audience members will receive personal healings and readings. Tickets are 30% off until Aug 31. They will be full price at the door. Limited seating available.
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