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Owner & Founder of Charimage
Owner & Founder of Charimage
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Gün batımında kardelenli kuzular.../ Sultansazlığı

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Added photos to LPC Contest #36: Spring.

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Friday is nearly here again... Whoop!
Don't you just love it when the working week flies past?
I'm all packed and off to spend the weekend with friends in Scotland. Will catch you all on my return. Have a good Black Friday and weekend everybody.

Leaving you with a play time I had with Monroe.
Dream on Cowboy :)

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Memories of Kenya
Another Time Another Place
She sits and waits
For somebody to notice
Her new dress for Eid
She waits and sits
For somebody to say she's pretty
In her new dress this Eid
She sits and waits
Waits and sits

_ Another Time Another Place_ sits and waits for you in the Charimage Pick & Mix Gallery at:

Posted by +Simon Grew

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A new week. Stay focused and don't look back.
Off to the Doc's soon. Hoping to get passed as fit again and certified as living! 
Have a good week good people. 
(Bad people accept your karma)

#mirrormonday : +Mirrors and Reflections curated by +Gemma Costa +Isabella Francesca Abigail Shores

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Al-Shabab executes 28 innocents in Northern Kenya

Such barbaric  and sickening acts are crimes against humanity and have no foundation in Islam. My own revulsion and abhorrence is mirrored among devout Muslim friends.

I spent the first half of October in northern Kenya. It was an experience "not to be forgotten." There was a vibe and enough information to convince that it was not a good place to be so we "got the hell out of there" and flew home two weeks early.
In Kenya I met many Somali people. They were like the rest of us... just people... trying to get along.

Could I have read from the Quran? No, but then a true Muslim would not have asked me to.

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Stride On Saturday

Welcome to a dreary, misty November Saturday morning in the West Midlands; a morning that could lead to a sense of isolation from the rest of the world. The two ducks that shout their greeting outside my door every morning and demand reward by quacking "Trick or Treat? raise a smile but, beyond that the world seems distant. Perhaps I'll write myself a letter?

The virtuoso Stride Pianist Stephanie Trick and coffee puts the bounce back into the morning's step... The day is mended :)

If you don't understand the term stride? Watch the left hand. Stride has its roots in rag time but is very different. Does she merit the term virtuoso and eventually a place with the great like Fats Waller and Co? I would reckon so; if in doubt take in her rendition of Jelly Roll Morton's 'Fingerbreaker' at Stephanie Trick 'Fingerbreaker'

Have a good Saturday and take what it offers "in your stride."

#jazz   #ragtime  

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Have I Got News for You?
It's Friday... TGIF! :)
TG for Brian Blessed
TG for that British sense of humour.

Guaranteed to hit the weekend smiling now!


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Added photos to LPC Contest #27: Textures in the Landscape.
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