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All things perfect to every last flaw...
All things perfect to every last flaw...


Anyone want to buy a house on Waiheke Island ... get in before it goes on the market formally.

I suppose I should do a formal pitch but I'm just starting doing the thing up. It's an initial home, about 20yo, on a biggish bush section by the forest and bird reserve in Onetangi.
3brm (2dbl 1sgl) 1bath... offstreet parking for up to 3 cars... HRV... fiber internet... 6000gal water.
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I keep getting approached by mulsims questioning their faith. They are asking me rather than people in their faith because they are frightened of the reaction and they tell me they are confident I'll hep them think things out for themselves.
I guess..... after all, I'm not out to deconvert anyone.

But then, why are they surprised when I ask them why they doubt, what are their reasons, and are they any good?
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If a massive mass must amass mass, how much mass must a massive mass amass if a massive mass amassed mass?

Well... the mass amassed amounts to a massive mound — mostly.

When we do the math of the mass ... the mass math missive says the mass amassed must be massive.

A mother of a mathive massimatics!
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As a special gift, my wifey has got me my very own doghouse. Isn't that sweet?
She says I am likely to be spending a lot of time there...
it has wifi...
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World Space Scientists: We need more moeny to research ways to colonise other worlds
World Governments: That sounds like a pie in the sky proposition with no immediate economic benefit to ourselves or our countries in the near term so we are going to have to refuse, sorry.
WSS: Our best projections are that Donald Trump will be seeking a second term
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Wife: 'sup?
Me: I found this t shirt under the bed...
Wife: you're banging it against a wall for why now?
Me: I'm trying to stun it so I can wear it...
Wife: you can't wear that!!!
Me: sure I can, see: it's stopped moving...

Who knew there were so many novel ways to wear clothes...
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Reasons given in movie to save the dinosaurs of Isla Nublar: they are the last remaining dinosaurs and each species is endangered...

Trouble is:

1. They are not dinosaurs, they are aritificial animals contructed to look like how people back in the 80s thought dinosaurs did, and tweaked to appeal to a mass audience as a carnival attraction (ie herbevores are over docile and carnivores are over agressive); if it is reconstructed dinosaurs you want, rebuild from scratch...

2. They are not endangered: they can be rebuilt any time from the record of their genome... but done better because the technology has improved since these animals were built.

3. Difficulty of being able to rescue a sustainable population. We don't know the genetic diversity of the initial population, but it is not going to be big. Slso unknown is how basically being henwtic chimeras will affect things like revessive genes.

Valid reasons to save them:
1. allows a chance to study an artificial life form
A. How it can change due to environment
B. And to improve the tech that built them
... but you don't need a self sustaining population for that. Hell, dead samples to necropsy would do.

Motivation why they were being rescued given in movie:
... sell them as weapons tech on tje black market and make billions!
Um... no. Animals are notoriously unreliable as weapons for warfare: there's a reason we favour machinery.
Ingen could technically build biological autonomous fighting machines better than the "dinosaurs" with less risk to their long term profits.

The movie was fun.
Had a chance to touch on...
1. Do genetically constructed animals have a right to be protected like we protect natural animals;
2. If we could rebuild animals from their dna, what is the reason to protect an endangered natural species? They are not actually endangered any more right?

Hint of something in next movie re engineered/artificial humans.
So supplimental questions:
1. How smart does an animal have to get before we are forced to deal with sentient rights? ie like human rights but covering non-humans with self aware agency and communication skill similar to humans.
2. How far can a human genome be modified from human before the animal is not human?
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CAD layout for renovating bathroom. The tiler is advising against having so many levels to the tiles... say's it's too "patchy". I dunno, I like it.
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This is brilliant... how did I not know about this?
Add this to "Philip K Dick is dead alas".
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Imperial Lane Cafe is closing down!
Oh noes... where will I get my coffee now?!
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