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Virtual cards are much better than using your real physical card, however most banks do not offer this possibility, so this service is an alternative for those bank clients who do not have access to such. Looking forward to hear more from it.

Some time ago I upgraded my version of Oracle VirtualBox to 4.3.12 and suddenly my Windows 7 guests were no longer working. The error returned on boot was:


The answer to boot these guests again is to delete the Oracle directory located in:

C:\USERS\<username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files

Thereafter make sure you launch VirtualBox by right-clicking and using the "Run as Administrator" option in the drop-down menu.

If your version of Windows 64 bit is suddenly missing or not launching the Internet Explorer 64 bit version after Windows Update has applied some updates, enable Enhanced Protected Mode in the IE advanced settings tab. After restarting IE all tabs are now again 64 bit versions.

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lol - some of these memes about Spain's World Cup exit are hilarious

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Vehicle oil specification comparison diagram

Changing an entire column or row in OpenOffice from text to number formatting is easy with regular expressions:

1. Select the text values
2. Find/Replace, with options "Current selection" and "Regular expressions"
3. Find: .+
4. Replace: &

That's it!

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Skybox Imaging Captures World's First High-Resolu…:

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