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Interesting data gathered here. Use the search box to find by name.
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Nice when just looking for random project names without any previous user input.
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Este estudio pretende identificar el actual hidrónimo Guadalhorce (Wadi l-Jurs o Wadi l-Kabir) a través de un completo análisis de los datos contenidos en las fuentes árabes y castellanas:

Un intento de solución para una vieja controversia etimológica y geográfica: a propósito del hidrónimo Guadalhorce (Wadi l-Jurs)
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A quick and (very) dirty one-liner for debugging & outputting PHP variables directly to the error_log for tailing:

ob_start(); var_dump($myVar); $output = ob_get_clean(); error_log($output);
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But what does it all mean...
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This is pretty cool. Much better than pop-ups or other flashing windows to make the user aware of something.
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Street View concept taken to new heights, literally. 
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To anyone interested in electric cars and F1 there is now Formula E.
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After stopping an EC2 instance due to a notification from Amazon about degraded performance on the hardware host, I was unable to start it again. If it happens to yourself the following work-around did the trick.

Look in the EBS volumes section and detach & force detach the volume associated with the instance id. When the volume is in available state (blue) then simple attach it back to the instance at /dev/sda1. Now go back to the instance section and your instance should be able to be started again.
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I thought I was going mad today when trying to login to a brand new Fedora 19 Amazon EC2 instance. The message "Server refused our key" kept coming up even though apparently all details were correct. Oddly enough everything worked fine with a new Fedora 18 instance.

I started becoming suspicious of the user name provided even though it had been "ec2-user" for as long as I recall. A trick used was to input "root" instead which usually tells you the default user to use. Bingo, this was the case here too: "fedora".

So the fine folks at Fedora have for some unknown reason changed the default user from "ec2-user" to "fedora" for version 19. I had not seen that change reflected anywhere, but when knowing about the change, it actually was explained on their Cloud images download page:

I would suggest such a critical piece of information could have been highlighted a bit better.
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