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610 followers - is the best place to find similar or alternative websites. is the best place to find similar or alternative websites.


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To connect to website owners and generate better search result, we created a Webmaster tool. Go to for details. 

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We are excited to introduce a cool new feature: Topic Predictor. Enter a text up to 5,000 English characters, we will be able to predict the topics of your text using a machine learning algorithm. It could be a very useful tool for bloggers who wants to generate or test their tags. Here is the link:

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Try our new website that helps you find the top websites by country. Just enter keywords and select a country. It will give you a list of top sites in that country.

A cool new feature.

We have implemented a cool feature that clusters the search result into disjoint groups. For example, if you search for single keyword "seo" (, you can see (to the right of main result) up to 10 clusters that are related to "seo" (webmaster seo, keyword seo, linkbuilding seo, ...). Also try other keywords like "politics" (,  travel ( , nyc ( We believe this feature can make your navigation much easier and more fun.

Safe Search!

If you don't like seeing results that may link to websites with adult content, you can now enable Safe Search easily on SimilarSiteSearch. Use the following link to enable safe search: Safe Search mode will filter out websites that may contain adult materials so you will see more family friendly results. For more details about Safe Search Mode go to our tips section at

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Check out our tips page to find how to use SimilarSiteSearch and get most of it!

Update: More Localization!

If you are searching for popular keywords like news, shopping, or music, SimilarSiteSearch will provide different results depending on which language version of SimilarSiteSearch you are using. For example, if you are searching for 'news' in German version, we will return a list of German news sites ( If you search for 'shopping' in Italian version, we will return a list of Italian shopping sites ( We believe the results are even better than Google for these cases!  We are still working on localization for multiple keyword searches. But we are excited enough to share this update with you!

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We made an important improvement. For new websites we have not indexed yet, you don't have to wait long time to see their similar sites. Our search engine will give preliminary results within seconds. A detailed analysis will take place later to generate more accurate results. Because there are huge number of sites to be analyzed, you may still have to wait long for the better results. For those who can't wait that long, we hope this improvement can help!
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