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Meet the Author of the Silver's Threads series...
Meet the Author of the Silver's Threads series...


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A new season begins and so a new workshop comes together ...join me once a week for a gathering of like-minds ...Penny
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The complete series of Silver's Threads now available from  and from
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As well as an author I am a teacher of the Western Mystery Traditions can find more about my school on Facebook at ...look forward to seeing you there.
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A new season begins and a new workshop is available to locals in my area ...check out the details on facebook ...I look forward to our 'Earth Connection' ...Penny
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...the latest edit of Song to a Green Moon is happening and the word count is growing daily ...I'm excited about this one and I think it may show in the end result :) ...hoping to finish the first draft of the last chapters this week!
It's a dark-faerie tale that will take you to a different space to where my previous series did and yet there are a couple of characters you will recognise ...I'll post a wee preview soon... blessings on your day ...Penny

Sun sinks in vibrant colours Moon rises white and cold
Sun follows bursting skyward In glowing veils of brightest gold
Wind shivers; tender leaves fall Whirling gently to the ground Underfoot in swathes of colour creatures wander; rustling sounds Night falls; bats and moths fly
Owl wings her way between
Taking only what she needs now
Before soaring, flight unseen
All the sounds of nature's quiet time
Whispering leaves; singing birds
Autumn light is faded, dappled
Let your inner voice be heard 

...verse copyright Penny Reilly Author 2014 via
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It's a work day today, tomorrow garden and housework; embracing the mundane in the moment ...slowly everything begins to come together without effort when we honour our own pathway and make our journey with grace through the changing year... Happy Lammas to Southern Hemisphere friends and Imbolc in the North...

Cold seeps as the moon creeps ...throwing light in the room
Frost crisps as the mist wisps ...float gently in the gloom
Day breaks as the sun wakes fills the air
Dawn's light ...slowly growing bright ...only joy felt, no despair
Only relief felt in mulch I knelt harvest the old
As the year dies the time flies ...watching leaves turn to gold

...blessings on your harvest ...Penny 

...verse copyright Penny Reilly Author 2015 Apple Harvest by Walt Curlee (another of my favourite artists)
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We go through so many transformations in our life; if someone had said to me I would write 5 books in just over two years I would have laughed aloud..
...workshop time is at hand and I still haven't got my head around dates and upgrades to the body of work...
...writing has become the most important aspect of my own self-expression ...that and a return to art ...and then of course our garden...
...before that it was the huge decision to no longer be a reader in my business... more putting things on hold til the perfect time, the perfect moment ...sleeves rolled up, wading in ...what a joy life can be and if I had a new year resolution that would be it...
...who will you be after the next transformation occurs?
...blessings on your day ...Penny

In a muted glade in a wild wood
...where the moonlight bathes the trees
...chiming voices can be heard whispering
...their secrets to the leaves
Be still and hear the voices
...of the Old Ones as they tread
Fear not for they come to teach you
...the path on which they've led
...all the seekers of the ages
...who have walked these ways before
...for you are really just remembering
...what you know and who you are...

..verse and text copyright Penny Reilly Author 2014
...The Seer from the Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Mathews via
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Finally it's done ...Silver's Threads Book 5, Skeins of Tyme is about to arrive in store today or tomorrow, (depending on the Xmas deliveries).

Skeins of Tyme completes the series and I'm stoked to have finished to move on to complete new works. It's not that I haven't enjoyed the journey, I really have but if I don't continue with all the other pieces knocking on my brain's door I could possible implode!

Book 5 can be purchased directly from my store (Australia) 'the readers' by calling 03 5348 8000 or email available soon via my website, and through Ingram Sparks.
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Silver's Threads Book 5, Skeins of Tyme will be released soon...

…the story so far…

How much can one, woman take? Samantha has crashed again and the group surrounding her struggle to remain strong in order to help, whilst the search for Sybille continues. The outcome of the last rite leaves everything in uncertainty.
Three deaths have further added to the trauma of the times, Annie Savage; Vanessa’s mother, Nina and Magdalena, yet joy mingles with tears as Alma and Maeve reunite as sister-friends and mother from another thread; James and Maeve may yet rediscover their bond.

Callum, stronger than ever, keeps his secret close to his chest but knows the time is approaching to reveal all …he waits for Hercurin’s signal and Vanessa keeps a secret she wishes she could shout from the rooftops.
Now Sam has vanished again, just as her shaper’s bracelet returned to her. What is this twisted thing called fate?
…the story continues…

A journey to self-healing awaits, through the portals between here and there! A dark Faerie Tale!
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We may stick our heads in the sand but our planet is evolving, whether we notice or not ...what are you doing to help. Have you joined Greenpeace, Sea Shepard,,, WWFA, Friends of the Earth name but a few?

A windswept plain or a vast ocean deep 
are you awake yet or do you still sleep 
immune to nature's need and her changing day 
do you walk the pathway of the Greening Way 
Warm winds blow as the spring air blooms 
with fragrant blossoms scenting my room 
Wild ducks float on quiet ponds 
under a canopy of willow wands 
Swallows swoop in an endless blue sky 
diving; catching small creatures that fly 
on silvery wings over greening trees 
catching the wind ...sailing the breeze 
Underneath all life a vibration plays out 
when we truly hear; it dispels all doubt 
Life is a challenge a dream; a gift 
but we cannot just let our planet drift... 
We can pretend it's alright ...stick our head in the sand 
feel her heat like a furnace consuming the land 
scorching the grasses ...burning the trees 
...but eventually we'll feel her ice on the breeze 
Earth mother dreams but she's stirring now 
again if you listen she'll show you how 
What your tasks are ...what role you play 
for the safe homecoming of the Greening Way

...verse copyright Penny Reilly Author 2014
....image wallpaper via
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