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This is a really good way to check your #VPN provider, one of the best I've found so far

I can see a realistic possibility of Donald #Trump going to war with #China if he becomes president and no realistic probability of #Europe supporting him in that #war. Put those two together and you get a realistic possibility of America losing that war. That's not the world I want to see come to pass

I've always thought #capitalism was a divisive system, but now I think we're reaching the point where it's stopped working properly, even in its own terms. As birthrates fall, such as in Germany, the cracks start to show. There aren't enough consumers, so they're forced to export aggressively and to support that they keep lending other countries money at rates they can't afford. It's the Same with China and America and both pairs are trapped.

I never saw this so clearly before, but capitalism needs an ever expanding workforce because rising pay rates breaks the system. For a while we can move the people around, but eventually global birthrates will drop and this issue will be with us permanently. It also needs an expanding pool of consumers, or demand falls. In the same way, we can't keep making stuff, we can't keep generating consumption, even if we didn't have the Environmental angle, we still couldn't.

Surely, we can't keep generating more and more, we have to start sharing out what we have and capitalism has no model for that, does it? I'm thinking about this as an Economic newbie so please tell me what I'm getting wrong and how can this model keep working?

I bought a #RemixOS Mini. I hope I like it. It was a very rare impulse buy and when I say rare, I'm talking less than 10 in a  lifetime. I don't know what possessed me. I should have thought it over more, but lets hope it was a good idea. I'm waiting to see. It should arrive in about a week apparently.

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I'm not seeing plus counts either. Is this an app thing or is it the same on the site? 
Is it just me or did everyone's "+1"' numbers vanish? All the posts on my work page are at 1. Just curious!

+Jordana Wright posts some really nice photos

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Facebook is for the rich and powerful; not the likes of us. That's the lesson I learnt here

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Peaceful Terrorists? I wonder if that phrase will be "noticed"

#antivirus   #thoughtexperiment   I've often thought the best way to test security software would be to download cracks from random torrent sites and use them for the wild tests. I'm guessing some would be malware and some would be clean. But here's the thing: there would no contextual clues as to which is which. So the test would be like a white room test and pretty much definitive. Why can't this be done? I would trust a test like that +Graham Cluley 

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It's that old 10% threshold and all bets are off
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