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Marine fire pump, sometimes is called as marine Fifi pump or marine fire fighting pump for short. Usually it is a centrifugal pump. It is can be driven by a electrical motor or diesel engine. It can be named as emergency marine fire pump. SILI PUMP can offer quality marine fire-fighting pump in both electrical and diesel engine.
Marine fire pump is rarely used. But they are relied upon on emergency situations. It is vital that a reliable and durable marine fire pump is in place. Marine centrifugal pumps are a popular choice for fire fighting applications. Because they have high flow capabilities and ability to handle water and also foam efficiently. The worst thing that can happen to the vessel, ship or offshore platform is on fire. In the event, it is very important that sufficient water is available at sufficient pressure, in order to be able to extinguish the fire. For this purpose several marine fire fighting pumps are required.
For the electrical motor marine fire-extinguishing pump or marine Fifi pump, it is just similar to the marine ballast pump, water cooling pump, bilge pump and marine foam pump. Self-priming is usually necessary for the marine fire pump. The diesel engine marine emergency pump is the final method. When a vessel or ship is on fire and the main electrical source is noneffective. The main diesel engine marine fire pump is usually fixed on an upper deck floor of the ship, with big capacity. There is also a small marine emergency pump, which can be moved by hand. It is called portable emergency fire pump or rescue pump. It can be started by battery or by hand. The marine Fifi pump can be also used as the marine foam pump.
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