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A Guided Tour of LeadPages

Presenter : Tim Paige

FREE Live Online Event: The Best Practices for Using LeadPages to Boost Your Conversions & Revenue

Lead Pages is the Ultimate conversion tool, it lets you create fantastic high converting sales pages and sign up forms.

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Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Email Audience With Video

 We found this great article on the Aweber website and loved its insight into video marketing. It was written by Kristen Craft of and you can see more about their services at the website Our thanks also to Aweber and you can see the original article at

“Cookies and milk, chips and salsa, peanut butter and jelly. Each of these things is great on its own, but when paired up, they’re so much better. The pairing process seems to almost supercharge each individual flavor.

In the world of marketing, video and email are the same way. Each one is terrific on its own, but when used together, they’re even more powerful than the sum of their parts.
So, what makes the combination of video and email so potent?

Video can make your emails far more appealing — This applies even before someone sees the content. BambooHR, a Utah-based HR software firm, gets its highest open rates when using the word “video” in subject lines. We’ve heard similar feedback from other marketers.
Video is an extremely compelling call-to-action — Including a friendly, fun still image from the video is a great way to entice readers to click. We ran an A/B test that produced a 300% increase in click-through rates when using video versus a graphic.

Email can amplify your video efforts — If you’re already making video, consider sharing that content via email, rather than just putting it on your website. (And if you’re not putting video on your website, you’re missing out! Here’s an extra-large free account to make it easier.) Use email to drive people back to your site, so they can continue to learn about your company, product, and mission.

To get the greatest effect, ensure your video strategy is integrated with your email strategy. For instance, if you use email to drive webinar signups, test a short video as part of the webinar email campaign.

Top 5 Tips for Getting Started With Video

Don’t be daunted, even if you’re new to video. There are some small, inexpensive things you can do that will make your videos look and sound great.

Here are five tips to help get you started with video, even if you’re short on gear, budget, and expertise:

1. Script your video in advance
No matter how well you know your topic, don’t try to wing it on camera. Scripting your video in advance will ensure that your message is as compelling as possible. Plus, it’ll keep your video snappy without the distraction of “ums,” “ahs,” and “likes” that naturally occur in most people’s daily speech.
Try memorizing your script, or if that feels too difficult, break it into bite-sized chunks and record them individually. You can always edit the clips together with some b-roll footage in between.

2. Use the camera you have (but stabilize it)
People often ask us what camera they should buy. The truth is, you probably already have a terrific camera in your pocket. Most smartphone cameras shoot HD video, and the quality is excellent.
Don’t buy a fancy new camera and spend precious time trying to learn how to use it. You’ll just be creating new hurdles for yourself. That said, it’s definitely worth investing in a basic tripod or stand for your phone. Nothing is more distracting than shaky footage. You can even hack this by stabilizing your phone on top of a tall, stationary object.

3. Step into the right light
Here’s a test for you: which scenario gives you better video footage, a terrific camera with bad lighting or a smartphone camera with terrific lighting? If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll probably guess the latter, and you’re correct!
Good lighting goes a long way. It’ll make your footage as sharp as possible, and it’ll also eliminate any distracting shadows and lines from your subject’s face. We put together a “basic recipe” for a $100 lighting kit using items you can grab at Home Depot. If you’re on an even tighter budget, find a big window on a sunny day and have your subject stand facing the light.

4. Capture clear sound     
Your message is the most important part of the video, so make sure it comes through loud and clear. First, eliminate background noise. Find a quiet location, ideally one where you can’t hear anyone or anything else. Printers, HVAC units, even outdoor traffic can really muddy your messaging.

Once you’re recording, we recommend using an external microphone, rather than the one built into your camera. Here’s a primer on how to choose an external mic. The name of the game is proximity: get the mic as close to your subject as possible, and you’ll be in good shape.

5. Start now, analyze and iterate later
Don’t agonize over your first video: this one isn’t going to be a masterpiece, but I can promise that you WILL get better with time. Use analytics to help you identify where you want to improve and iterate on those areas. Your first videos will give you the chance to assess what your audience likes best, then you can focus on the topics they find most appealing.
Video analytics can tell you a ton: focus on overall play rates, which indicate how compelling the topic itself is, and the average engagement rates (or percent viewed) within a video, which indicate how interesting the content is. Pay attention to where people stop watching. If it happens toward the end, tighten up your conclusion. If it happens towards the middle, try to shorten your videos. Testing and iteration will help you become a pro in no time!

Grow Your Email Audience With Video
Video is an awesome tool to drive more leads, and the AWeber-Wistia Turnstile integration makes it simple to collect video viewers’ email addresses and add them to your AWeber lists. Have a quick look at how Turnstile works, and how you can use it to grow your email audience.
There’s no better way to get started with video than to dive in and experiment. So now you know the Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Email Audience With Video, test these ideas out, post a comment and let us know how they’re working for you — and share the videos you create with us, we’d love to see them!”

Not everyone will want to spend the time, or have the creativity to make their own video so if that’s you, we can help you use the power of video in your marketing!     Just click HERE to see how.

Pat Nelligan

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Understanding the Depth of Mobile Internet Usage
People today simply cannot live without their mobile devices – including your customers. Mobile devices are being used for much more than just talking and texting.

Due to the technological advances and popularity of smartphones and mobile tablets, consumers are using them to perform tasks that we never would have dreamed were possible just a few short years ago.
Searching the web has become one of the top activities among mobile users all over the globe. When searching for local products, services, and businesses, many people whip out their smartphones to get the information they need; especially when they are on-the-go.

Understanding the Depth of Mobile Internet Usage

Approximately 75% of smartphone owners have used their phones to get directions to store locations, as well as other business information. This is why it is so crucial that every business has a mobile-friendly website.

If a mobile user lands on your company website, you only have a few minutes to make a good first impression. However, if your site loads slowly or they have problems navigating your site, that first impression will be severely tarnished.

When mobile users become frustrated with your website, a large portion of them immediately leave and visit a competitor’s site instead. Even worse, most of them will never return to your site due to the bad experience.

Many consumers have stated that they “expect” small businesses to have mobile-friendly websites to accommodate their needs. Not only does it make their lives easier, but it helps your company’s reputation by showing that you can keep up with the digital age.

Mobile internet users are usually looking to take some type of action when they search for local businesses; they are either looking to call you, find you, or find out what you have to offer.
All of this means that they are more likely to act than desktop internet users.

If your company does not have a mobile-friendly website, you are potentially missing out on a lot of leads and sales. Ignoring mobile users is not good for business and ultimately drives more of your target audience to your competition.

Talk to us today about a mobile website - see more at

Pat Nelligan

#mobilewebsite   #mobilewebdesign   #sigancorporation   #patnelligan   #mobileapps   #mobilemarketing  
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The new approach to Social Media Marketing

 Is free social media free still a worthwhile option for business? And what is the new approach to social media marketing?

When Facebook and Twitter first started, the main attraction was that you could talk to prospects and market your products or services on social media for free. There was little social media advertising available and the whole structure was based on engagement in a natural or organic way.
Brands started building relationships with people, mostly through ‘likes’. Brands focused on engaging with their customers on Facebook and other social media sites.
This allowed them to reach their prospects and customers for free without paying for traditional advertising, or perhaps as a supplement to that advertising. Companies and brands soon realised that social media sites had global reach, which was traditionally difficult to achieve without using multiple marketing methods simultaneously.

They soon discovered the ‘viral’ element of social media. That is, that great content is readily shared by people with their friends and families. This factor is the greatest strength of social media marketing and one that can still be used by business today but maybe in a slightly different way.

New technology added to the mix

The increasing take up by consumers of mobile ‘smartphones’ and tablets has increased the amount of time spent on social media. Social media sites have adapted their sites to take advantage of this. Instagram picked this trend and started as a mobile app and today is the fastest growing social network with a growth rate of 23% in just the last 6 months and is not far behind Twitter with over 200 million users.

The end of ‘like gating’
Recently, Facebook informed their customers and users that they were going to stop marketing apps “like gating“. So this means that companies and brands will no longer be able to offer incentives for consumers to “like” a page. These incentives were often in the form of a discount, coupon or free content.
Facebook’s explanation is they want to improve the value of a “like” so that only genuine fans like a page, not just people who want to get a discount. This is in many ways similar to the Google approach to search results, which puts an emphasis on ‘organic’ results over ones that appear unnatural.

This change comes after a period where it appears that Facebook has continued to reduce organic reach for company/brand pages, with only around 5% of fans seeing your updates in their news-feed now. So the days of growing your fan base using competitions and/or incentives and then marketing to that fan base using posts to your page which would then be seen by all of your fans, are over. Most of your fans will never see your posts so the time has come for a new approach to social media marketing.

It is important to keep in mind that Facebook still has over a billion registered users and they know more about them than you do, so it is able to allow you to target your marketing better than traditional forms of marketing. Smaller social media sites may have fewer members but can sometimes give better returns on investment due to the nature of the demographic they represent. For example, if your business sells surf board wax your money is better spent on a site where all the surfers hang out online.

Today, eight of the major social networks offer advertising.
So, what are the numbers?

Today there are 4.2 billion users across 8 of the top social networks.
• Facebook has 1.3 billion monthly active users
• Google+ has an estimated 830 million active monthly users.
• YouTube has 1.3 billion monthly unique users
• Twitter now has 260 million monthly users
• LinkedIn has 200 million unique monthly users
• Instagram now has 200 million unique users every month
• Pinterest has 60 million MAUs
• Tumblr has 48 million monthly unique users
So, we have a fundamental change in the way business needs to think about social media. The ‘free ride’ is no longer available but that does not mean the end of a meaningful Social Media Strategy. Time for the new approach to social media marketing.

We now need to see the opportunity available to us in terms of laser targeted marketing. Who do we want to put our advertising in front of, to get the best return on investment? Where do they spend their time? What other tools are available to us to continue to seek out our prospects and turn them into customers?

To sign on to this new approach you need to change your mindset from expecting a FREE service to maximising return on investment to enable you to spend more! If you knew that by spending $10 you could make $20, wouldn't you be better off spending $100 and making $200? Scaling your marketing up will become the new approach to social media marketing.

But remember, like all marketing, there is an art and a science to online campaigns. Ads need to be creative and engaging, visually stimulating and most of all, they need to convert! Testing different versions of your ad is critical to maximise ROI. At Sigan we can help you run a successful campaign, so talk to us today.

Pat Nelligan

If you want do learn more about Facebook Mktg pick up my ebook for only $9.97 at

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Make Money Blogging: 5 Simple Steps To Make Money As A Blogger 

Anyone can make money blogging; you can even earn enough to quit your present job if you do it right.  But you should be careful with books or courses promising to make you rich overnight. 

You might have seen or heard of reports about bloggers making several thousands of dollars every day. 

What you don't know is that it might have taken them many years, or they might have to spend several bucks, to accumulate enough backlinks and traffic. Perhaps they might have their own websites or JV partners, where they can leverage from each others' assets. 

If you're just starting to blog and you don't have your own network yet, don't worry. In this article, I'll show you how to make money blogging using 5 simple steps. As long as you're willing to learn and take action, you can skyrocket your earnings in no time. 

Step 1: Decide the specific topic or niche of your blog.  

Your blog topics should be something that both you, and your audience, are familiar with or passionate about. 

Let's say you want to make money blogging about video games. If you're a WarCraft fan, and you understand the game from top to bottom, you're more likely to come up with beneficial content than if you were to write something completely uninteresting or foreign to you. 

Step 2:  Create a professional-looking blog. 

Choose an eye-catching design and style for your blog. You can find tools on the internet, so you can build attractive blogs but you have to have some creative ability, plus an awareness of the essential elements of a high conversion website, to  maximize their full moneymaking potential. A professional web design company will not charge you much for a simple website, with prices starting at $399 at  

Go there to see what a $399 website looks like....they are great! 

Step 3: Post valuable, entertaining or controversial content on your blog.  

It's better if you write the content yourself, so that your personality may shine through. But in case you can't think of any ideas or you're pressed for time, you could always outsource the task to a dependable freelancer.  Remember, if you want to make money blogging, you need to invest time and/or money in providing excellent content. 

Let's say you have a WarCraft blog offering free tips for a soon-to-launch ebook, what's a good plan?

Well, you could write 300-600 word quality articles related to your World of WarCraft blog, and post an article a few times a week on your site. If you give quality content, your credibility or authority level shoots up. 

Getting people to write comments is an excellent way to get free content and make money blogging. People love to join hot discussions. Encourage comment posting by offering certain prizes for blog commenters of the month. For example, you could give $50-$100, gift cards to Amazon, or copies of your own products (in case you don't want to offer money). 

By posting valuable content and encouraging comments, you're slowly building a network of fans to your blog. 

Step 4: Monetize it. 

There are a number of ways to make money blogging through various monetization streams. 

You could promote your own products related to your content. If you provide good solid information and they're satisfied, they are more likely to buy from you. 

If you don't have your own products, you could buy products with resale or private label rights. But if you don't want to go through any hassles, you could simply promote affiliate products related to your content. For example if your blog was related to Online Marketing you could join us at Sigan and promote our websites and other services. See our homepage for more details. 

You could also post Google adsense on your blog, so you can make money blogging whenever someone clicks on those ads, even if they didn't buy anything. 

You can also make money by using pay-per-action programs. These programs usually pay you more than adsense, but less than the normal affiliate programs. How do you earn with pay-per-action programs? Every time someone does a specific action that the advertiser intends them to do (whether it's filling up a form, downloading a report, subscribing to a list, etc.), you get paid a certain amount.  

If your blog becomes popular enough, you could also offer advertising space where marketers will pay you to put their advertisements in your blog. 

Step 5: Bring in the traffic. 

There are many different techniques to generate traffic and make money blogging. 

Set up your blog posts to be "pinged" automatically to a list of ping sites every time you make a new post. Pinging is a method that allows your content to be indexed faster by the search engines. 

Use Google Adwords or other pay-per-click methods to advertise your blog. When people search for certain keywords related to your blog, your pay-per-click ad comes out. You only pay every time someone clicks on your ad. Remember to research where your customers are hanging out. It may be Facebook or another site but try to work that out and you will be well on the way to finding the best place to market your product. 

Create informative or entertaining videos, advertise your blog in that video, and upload them to video-sharing sites. Youtube may be the most popular one, but there are other sites worth uploading your videos to. You may use a free service like to simultaneously upload your videos to a variety of video-sharing sites of your choosing.  

Submit your blog to blog directories. Simply search for "blog directories" in Google and you'll get a list to submit your blog details to.  

One of the most effective ways to make money blogging is to contact other bloggers and set up a proposal - you put their blog link on your blog, and vice-versa. 

Write articles and submit them to article directories. You can then advertise your blog in the resource box.  You could even use your blog content as articles to submit to article directories. But that's not all... 

You could maximize your content to its full capacity by converting your articles to powerpoint presentations and posting them at You could also convert those powerpoint presentations into videos, and then post them to various video-sharing sites. 

Use various Web 2.0 methods to make money blogging.  Bookmark your links at social bookmarking sites like,,, and many others. However, you should always observe proper netiquette. Most, if not all, of these bookmarking sites prohibit any marketing activities. But you can get under the radar if you give first, become a helpful part of the Web 2.0 community, and bookmark a lot more non-self-serving sites than self-serving ones. 

These are the 5 simple steps to make money blogging. Hope you find them useful and may you earn a lot of money with your blog.

 If you would like more info on online marketing, pick up a FREE copy of my Online Marketing Basics, SEO Basics, or Social Media Report Here 

Pat Nelligan and the Sigan Team
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A selection of logo designs we have done in the recent past. With logo design for only $149, you will get 6 initial concepts and then you can make UNLIMITED revisions until you are completely happy. You can't go wrong! Email me and we will get started on your new logo.   #logo   #logodesign   #sigan   #sigancorporation   #patnelligan  
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An exciting new logo design for Gary Jarmyn of Adelaide Cartridge Centre. If you need printer cartridges call Gary on 1300 780 810 and he will have them delivered straight to your home or office. Let us know what you think of this logo? #logodesign   #logo   #sigan   #sigancorporation   #onlinemarketingservices  
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Here is a new logo we designed for Ben from Physical Health Evolution. He is really enthusiastic, fit young guy with a real interest in helping people improve their health through fitness. Give him a call if you are in Adelaide and looking to get fitter on 0405 411 000.
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Here is a new logo we designed for Ben from Physical Health Evolution. He is really enthusiastic, fit young guy with a real interest in helping people improve their health through fitness. Give him a call if you are in Adelaide and looking to get fitter on 0405 411 000.
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