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2 days of ATV riding - RZRs, Side by Sides, etc - pack it in, pack it out, leave nothing but tracks. Stick around for brisket on Saturday - win cash prizes!

2nd Annual Poker Run at Cedar Cove RV Park in Elephant Butte NM

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Saturday & Sunday February 25-26

Join the Black Range Lodge for a hands-on workshop demystifying the process of grafting. The course will cover rootstock selection, scion wood collection, grafting onto a rootstock, grafting onto existing apple trees, and care of your new graft for the first year. Participants will go home with an apple tree which they have grafted themselves, and a grafting knife.

Instructor Jaimee Tate is the owner of Isle of Sky Nursery & Botanical Garden in White Oaks, NM. Her nursery specializes in dwarf and semi-dwarf heirloom apple trees grafted from antique, often rare, varieties found on homesteads and orchards throughout New Mexico.

Workshop Fee: $50 one day; $75 both days. Cost of materials: $48 per person. Materials include rootstock, scion wood, grafting knife, grafting tape a tree tag and printed handout. Extra root stock & scion wood will be available at cost.

complete event info:

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Fox5 News San Diego's Heather Lake stopped and soaked at Riverbend Hot Springs on her way to the 2017 Super Bowl!

more info:

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13 Artists from the ELEPHANT BUTTE LAKE ARTIST RETREAT will show their work at Rio Bravo Fine Art Gallery, 110 Broadway, during Truth or Consequences' Second Saturday Art Hop!

Show continues through Februrary 28.

event info:

art hop info:

#truthorconsequences #arthop #secondsaturday #hotsprings #newmexico

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This weekend: clear your mind, strengthen your body, and relax in the hot springs - there’s still space in the upcoming HEART OF WINTER YOGA RETREAT at Mothershop Yoga Lounge in Truth or Consequences!
Four 90-minute sessions (combining hatha-flow and restorative-yin) will occur over the course of three days (February 10-12). Yoga instructor Edie Tsong of the Santa Fe Community Yoga Center teaches thoughtfully sequenced classes with an attention to alignment and well-being.

Ample props are used for support, and the weekend’s practice will also include poetry, guided meditation, and pranayama. Annette Groenfeldt will provide live vocalizations and tambora for Saturday’s Yin class. Snacks are also included to keep your energy flowing.

Register: (Reminder: Truth or Consequences is a 2 hour drive from El Paso & Albuquerque, 3 hours from Santa Fe.) #yoga #asana #hathayoga #yinyoga #yogaretreat #yogaforlife #prana #pranayama #restorativeyoga #vinyasa #flow #truthorconsequences #hotsprings #healingwaters #newmexico

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Next week, hear author BLAIZE SUN read from her new book titled “Confessions of a Work Camper: Tales from the Woods.

She'll read at Sun Gallery (407 1/2 Broadway) in #TruthorConsequences from 2-4pm on Thursday February 9.

A second reading is set for Saturday February 11 from 11am-12:30pm, at +Black Cat Books & Coffee (Broadway at Mims, also in #TorC).

About the book:
Follow the adventures of a campground worker as she chronicles the delights and disasters of working with the public away from all of the conveniences of modern life: Electricity, running water, Internet access, and phone service. Join her on the top of a mountain, as far from civilization as she’s ever lived, in this collection of creative non-fiction essays.

Read more about the Blaize Sun here:

Event details: &


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We ♥♥♥ February!

Events this month in Sierra County include the Annual Gathering of Quilts, a 2-day Apple Tree Grafting workshop, three different multi-day Yoga Retreats, a live dance performance (Benita Bike's DanceArt) in Hillsboro, and an Art Talk about the role of Venice Italy in art history.

#sierracounty #newmexico #ecotours #livedance #appletreegrafting #yogaretreat #quiltshow

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Live video from Truth or Consequences' very own Riverbend Hot Springs, which has mineral water baths with temperatures around a lovely 109 degrees, situated right on the Rio Grande.

#hotsprings #newmexico #riverbend #truthorconsequences #healingwater

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Here’s the full slate of Turner Expeditions tours for January and February 2017!

In addition to TODAY’s Paleontology Tour, there are four Bison Roundup Tours coming up, as well as the Hidden Canyon Moonrise Tour and a Fra Cristobal Summit Overlook Tour.

All depart from Sierra Grande Lodge.

Ecotour information:

List with links to info on the tours:

Turner Expeditions website:

Register: Ted Turner Expeditions, 877-288-7637,
#oldwest #ecotour #ecoturismo #ecotourism #sierracounty #newmexico #tedturnerexpeditions #getoutside #ecotravel #bison #roundup #oldwest #moonrise #buffalo

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Marker along the Healing Waters Trail in Truth or Consequences: Mining in the Black Range Mountains. "Communities such as Hillsboro (the first county seat of Sierra County), Kingston, Chloride, Lake Valley, Hermosa, Grafton, Phillipsburg Scalesville, Robinson and Tierra Blanca dotted the landscape." More info on the first 4 communities mentioned is here:

More info on the Healing Waters Trail:

#boomtown #silvermine #sierracounty #newmexico  #oldwest #miningtown #mininghistory
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