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Switching from Firefox to Chrome as my browser of choice, on the advice from the nice man at the Apple store who said Firefox is causing all the crashes on my computer.

Chrome has this cool feature where it offers to import all my data - passwords, bookmarks, settings, etc - from Firefox and from Tweetdeck. It would be even cooler if it worked. As it is, I push the button and nothing happens, which is kind of annoying.
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The thing I love about Chrome is that every window is a separate process. So when something crashes in a window, you can just kill that, not the entire browser. I haven't figured out how to do that yet, unless Chrome asks me whether I want to kill a window, but it's possible.
I did exactly the same thing today, and had exactly the same problem (no bookmark import). Updating to the "beta" version of Chrome "fixed" it.
(Well, okay, not exactly the same thing; I didn't go to an Apple store.)
For me, Chrome is faster but not as stable as FF under OS X -- it more frequently gets into states where a process pegs a CPU. I like that I can use it to set up site-specific browsers (with separate cookie stores), and still use useful browser extensions like flashblock (unlike Fluid, which is also a nice SSB maker).
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