Google+ Hashtags Chrome Extension Updated to V0.44

Just found a few minutes to update the G+Hashtags Chrome Extension, which was no longer working, because of all the GPlus updates recently (Google Events and so on).

Here is the link to the extension:
- the G+extension 0.44

Or goto your extensions page in Chrome and click update extensions only in developer mode. Otherwise you can deinstall and install the newer version by hand. But it should be updated automatically.

What is new
- Muted Hashtags are now red and show muted in the button
- Clicking on only button, just shows the posts with this hashtag, but this does not prevent Google+ from updating your stream
- Muted hashtags are now saved into the localStorage and are kept 
- By clicking the View all button, als muted hashtags are cleared
if you are scrolling down, I have managed to clue the hashtags beneath the top bar, so you can see it even if the streams scrolls up.

If you have feedback, please let me know, so I can enhance the extension or fix bugs

If you like the extension +1 and/or share. 

One last question: some people are telling, that they hate hashtags in text. Would you like to have an option to make the hashtags no so highlighted (grey instead of blue and # removed?)
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