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A flexible mind is one that doesn’t really know what should happen, and is not even sure what will unfold in this next moment. It is curious, like a baby exploring the world afresh. When we sit in meditation, or take each moment as it comes, we allow ourselves to not know, and to be interested in whatever arises.

Anybody else facing issue with oppo camera FCing when video set to 720@120fps?
Am on turbo v5 for bacon, build 0904.

Anybody else observing not auto rotation of pictures or YouTube videos?

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I moved from darkobas to this 2 days back. Wow tons of features...... However getting used to....👌👍
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Cost effective & reliable. Wow....proud #ISRO is doing good.

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texttop - texttop: A fully interactive X Linux desktop rendered in TTY and streamable over SSH.
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