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Siddhartha Gadgil

Tower of Hanoi: scala and scala-js

For a talk to school students, had solving the Tower of Hanoi in scala recursively and animating it using scala-js (with scalatags, svg).



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It took me four years to write the paper "Five stages of accepting constructive mathematics", which is based on an eponymous talk I gave at the Institute for Advanced Study in 2013. The paper has been published in the Bulleting of the AMS. I hope you'll enjoy it!

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The cost of a proof

A rough calculation to see how expensive it would be to do the computation for the world's largest proof:

* On the google compute engine, a preemptible processor costs $0.015 per hour
* So 800 processors (which is the number used for this computation) cost $12 per hour. (I assume that the processors in the two cases have roughly the same power).
* The computation ran for two days, say 50 hours.
* Total cost estimate : $600

Of course one has to add storage etc, but still the cost is quite reasonable - even in India about two months stipend of a research student.

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From The Economist Espresso: Foolish Fathers: Trump spells it out

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Been waiting for quanta magazine to write about alphago

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