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The second-generation Chromebook Pixel is launching in the UK this month and will be available on April 21. Prices start from £799 for the Intel Core i5 version. What's more is Currys PC World is partnering up with Google to offer the new laptops, which will also be available online on the Google Store. As noted above, pricing for the entry model will set you back by £799, while...
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Android apps on EVERYTHING
That the (Android) App Runtime for Chrome now supports Google Play Services is a HUGE deal. Soon the sales pitch will be "write an Android app and it will run on Windows, Mac, and Linux, too!"—it will be a universal runtime.

I screwed around with ARC a bit and found out it's based on Android 4.4 (and Dalvik) I also tried some stupid stuff like running Nova Launcher on it. =P 

I imagine at some point the Chrome Web Store dies, is replaced by the Play Store, and Android apps just run on everything, automatically. For now though, baby steps.

And wow, I've been writing about this "Native Client as a universal runtime" stuff for 3 years now. It's going to happen at some point! Play Services is a big step forward.
"App Runtime for Chrome" takes a big step toward making Android a universal binary.
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Worth watching if you have any interest in Xiaomi.

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While my Guitar Gently...
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Get yours while it's hot!

#free   #onedrive   #storage #cloudstorage
You can easily increase the amount of storage that's available with your OneDrive for free. Bonus space can be unlocked by referring the service to your friends and enabling the auto camera upload feature in the mobile apps. The most that you can get though is 20 GB. Those of us who have been using the service from the early days also get a loyalty bonus of 10 GB. But maybe that's still not enough.
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Siamak Masnavi

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An excellent idea: Give school kids stand-up desks

I use one now. On all of my shows or segments (video or radio) I am standing at my desk. I have a bar stool for times when I am tired. There is a period of adjustment but if you have to be at a computer for hours a day, standing is better than sitting.

(You don't need a fancy, expensive set-up. Just get some bed risers and stick them under your desk legs. You'll have a stand-up desk for less than $10. Get a bar stool for when you're breaking into it or just feeling lazy.)
4th graders and some 1st graders at an elementary school in San Rafael are using standing desks and it seems to be helping the students to maintain focus and dissipate excess energy.
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Use this, pass this on and share it with someone who may be new to Google Plus who could use this info. 

#GooglePlusTips   #GooglePlus  
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Saw a post (now deleted) about a watch that was rated for 30M being acceptable for swimming. Presumably because the author assumed that 30M meant the depth you can swim with it at? Or that because it was rated for 30M surely you can swim with it. The watch in question, the new Pebble, is rated at 30M or 3ATM.

Stop. Right now. This is where you get to learn about water resistance ratings.

10 Meters, 33 Feet, 1 ATM
A watch with this resistance level is protected against accidental exposure to water; for example, splashes, perspiration or accidental immersion. It should not be exposed to any water pressure.

30 Meters, 100 Feet, 3 ATM
This level will easily withstand splashes or brief immersion in water, or getting caught in the rain. However, it is not sufficiently resistant for swimming or bathing.

50 Meters, 165 Feet, 5 ATM
A watch with this level of resistance is wearable around household sinks, while playing sports and while swimming in shallow water. Do not wear it while bathing, snorkeling or scuba diving.

100 Meters, 330 Feet, 10 ATM
This level of water resistance will allow a watch to be worn around household sinks, while playing sports and while swimming, poolside diving or snorkeling. Do not wear it while scuba diving

150 Meters, 500 Feet, 15 ATM
A watch with this resistance level is wearable around household sinks, while playing sports and while swimming or poolside diving. It is also suitable for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Just because a watch is rated for 30 meters, that doesn't mean you get to go swimming with it. Not in 1 meter, not in 30 meters. This is based off of standing water pressure. The second you start moving your hand around you're generating more pressure. You'd be surprised the amount of pressure your body is capable of generating under water by moving.

30M, or 3ATM, is not a sufficient rating for swimming. Period. Most phones are 1ATM, this watch is 3ATM, you need 5ATM to go swimming. It's a standard, there's no room for "but the company said" or "but what if". If it's rated 3ATM, it's not rated to withstand swimming. If you go swimming with a watch rated at 3ATM and you damage it you have no one to blame but yourself. This watch is rated to withstand splashes of water, rain, possibly a shower. 

Keep this in mind when buying anything you plan to wear in the ocean or anything else that's not more of a standing water than a pool: Oceans and such generate a lot of pressure on their own simply because the water is moving. Being rated to swim in shallow waters doesn't mean you can take this out in a rough ocean current.

When in doubt google the ATM rating the watch has and make an informed decision.
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AVG reveals the worst storage, battery and data hogging Android apps from Q4 2014

By +Robert Triggs 
AVG has published its latest study of the worst battery, data, storage and performance consuming apps on Android smartphones and tablets.
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