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After 2 years, comes Keep Trash v2.0, my Xposed Module to customize the official Google Keep app.

- Completely re-written Xposed implementation that is more robust and flexible
- Add support for Google Keep v3.3+
- Visibility of 6 menu icons can be customized - Delete, Archive, Share, Label, Reminder and Color Picker
- New Keep Trash app icon
- New material design for the Keep Trash app
- New material drawables for the Google Keep action bar 

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Disable Fullscreen Keyboard v1.1 is now available on Google Play Store.

The module disables the fullscreen keyboard layout in landscape orientation along with the text input field that takes up the whole screen.

- Add support for latest SwiftKey Keyboard 6.0+
- Disable extensive logcat logs

Read more about the module -


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My new android module - xHover

Hover notifications are elegant visual overlays of notifications at status bar, implemented by Paranoid Android's developement team. One of the most innovative features in Android Kitkat (4.4+) firmware, Hover notification reimagines the way we interact with notifications on our android devices.

xHover is an Xposed module that gives you the power to customize your Hover notification experience. It works with any android firmware that has Hover notifications enabled.


An overview of Hover notifications - Paranoid Android's Hover - Hands On

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Disable Fullscreen Keyboard, my  #android module was featured on XDA-developers.

The module disables the fullscreen keyboard layout in landscape orientation along with the text input field that takes up the whole screen! +Faiz Malkani  has given perfect words to express android keyboards' behavior in his post at +xda-developers  

Link to the featured post -

Read more about the app on my blog post -

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New update to Keep Trash. v1.3

Read more here -

- Fix action bar icons' sizes in official Google Keep
- Remove "Exit" button from Keep Trash action bar
- Added German translations (thanx to mihahn @ XDA-developers)

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My new android Xposed module - Disable Fullscreen Keyboard

An open source Xposed module for android, to disable fullscreen keyboard along with the text input field that takes up the whole screen when the device is in landscape orientation.

It works with all android keyboards, including SwiftKey, Swype, Google Keyboard, AOSP keyboard etc.

Read more about it here -

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New version of 'Keep Trash' - my android Xposed module released. v1.1.

'Keep Trash' allows you to customize the icons in official Google Keep android app's action bar. Read more on my blog post.

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This is it!

Resurrection Remix v5.1.5 will be last version in Resurrection Remix Kitkat ROM series. It will be android 4.4.2 based ROM. This last version is our way of saying goodbye and bidding farewell to an amazing journey we had with everyone.

Resurrection Remix team is thankful to all its users, supporters, fans and contributors for making Resurrection Remix such a successful aftermarket custom android ROM. 


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Lately we have received a few messages asking us how to solve build error in their kernel while compiling Resurrection Remix for their device.

We use Linaro Toolchain instead of the default GCC toolchain.

Read this -

The post is linked thought our website too -
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