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Shu Fai Cheung (張樹輝)
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共生舞團於2009年由社區文化發展中心正式成立,讓不同質特的舞者共聚一堂,以行動和演出打破觀眾對舞蹈的概念。共生舞蹈團各不同能力成員於同一平台起舞,在藝術上每個成員都在尋找獨特的舞步,同時也與其他人合作為舞團創作出美麗的動作詞彙。 「人人皆可舞」是共生舞的基本概念。每具身體皆有各自特色, ...
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There were celebrations on the south coast of England this weekend as dozens of Deaf people cheered on Deafblind runner James Clarke as he gained his 100th running medal, a challenge which has take…
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Canon Gill said: “My passion is to make sure that Deaf people have full and complete access to all the important events in life – and that includes saying goodbye to somebody when they have died."
A Church of England priest has won a national award for her outstanding contribution to work on helping make funerals more accessible for Deaf people. Canon Gill Behenna, Chaplain with the Deaf Com…
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Focus on abilities, not disabilities.

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Where Do I Belong
I’m Not Deaf, But My Hearing Loss Can Be Isolating -- Meryl Williams   I wish I had the opportunity to grow up in a community. I know very few people who are hard of hearing. Not because there are few. There are many. However, we do not have a community. So...
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Good! I understand it is not easy, especially for live events. But at least they are going to try.

#deaf #hardofhearing #accessibility
In a move that will be welcomed by deaf viewers, the BBC has announced that it has begun trialling subtitles on its live channels on BBC iPlayer. It has long been a source of frustration for deaf v…
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十年未壞嘅遊戲軚盤 而家科技一日千里,好多嘢都一兩年就淘汰咗。而我呢支,十年以上,而家重用到冇壞,都係一種成就。雖然有一段長時間好少用,可能幾個月先用一陣 :p ,但放咁耐啲膠都唔溶,都算唔話得,夠耐用。 (其實唔係唔想換,係覺得買咗都會好少時間玩,有啲浪費,諗下諗下,由 25 到 27 到 29,都重未覺得化算。)
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After successfully crowd funding earlier this year, #ToyLikeMe today launch their website hub to connect customers with products which represent diff:ability and continue their call on the global t…
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"Infinity gets boring" ...
When infinity gets boring: What went wrong with No Man’s Sky -- Douglas Heaven, New Scientist I don't have time for this kind of games. I don't know whether the
article is fair in commenting the game. But I find the topic
interesting. Variety is not enoug...
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有部電腦用咗八年,之前間唔中就要試幾次先開到機,或甚至試極都開唔到,過幾個鐘試,又會忽然開到。但就算開到,有時又會入唔到POST畫面。原來佢同時有兩個病,但兩個病嘅病徵又唔係成日出現。我一時大意兼心急,要搞一輪先發現到。一係機箱電源制唔穩定。我用咗咁耐電腦都未時過壞呢樣,早幾日忽然諗起冇檢查呢樣。唔插機箱電源制條線,攞鏍絲批,次次一插就開到,所以推斷係機箱電源制壞。解決咗呢樣,淨返嘅就好辦。拎走晒啲嘢再一件一件插返,原來 RAM 又壞壞地。咁啱早排又問屋企人有冇唔用嘅舊 RAM,攞定啲看門口,所以有 RAM 可以換落去。如果唔係,都幾難買到啱佢嘅 RAM。

搞咗咁耐,呢部八歲嘅機又用得返。佢係真真地嘅舊機,CPU連底板連機箱未換過,本來重有軟碟機,不過早排拆走咗。裝資料嘅硬碟重係行IDE。只係OS硬碟換咗 SSD。

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管理自己情緒,當然重要。但唔好以為真係好似 Inside Out 咁,㩒個制就得,話停就停。包容同體諒,就係明白呢個道理。

咁易,人地就唔使搞講座啦。 :p
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公車上有位媽媽,懷中背巾圍著不到一歲的男寶寶,另外帶一個年約5歲的小男生,他似乎無法安份坐好,甚至一度坐到地上,我沒聽見他跟媽媽在吵什麼,只聽到媽媽斥責:「起來!」接著是一聲清脆的巴掌聲,「啪」! 對照公車轟隆隆低頻的引擎聲
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教育及研究從業員.感謝神, 給我一份能發揮旺盛好奇心的職業. (Teacher and researcher. Thank God for giving a job in which I can make use of my strong curiosity.)
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong
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中國澳門 (Macao, China)
中國香港 (Hong Kong, China)
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問問戀愛・電影館:訪文化創意產業促進廳廳長何嘉榮 : 論盡媒體 AllAboutMacau Media

戀愛‧電影館於2015年9月14日開始試營運,這座新落成的電影館跟一般商業影院稍有差別,旨在推廣人文﹑藝術類型電影。在正式營運前,我們邀請了文化創意產業促進廳廳長何嘉榮先生(下文簡稱何),來講解一下這座電影館的設立及營運狀況。 問:戀愛‧電影館的設立目的是什麼? 何:我們看到澳門


I must confess that I rarely care about BIC in SEM. However, the more I read about it, the more I wonder why "the BIC has received little at

The 2 Most Painful Words to Hard of Hearing People

These two words can shut us down - excluding, rather than including, us in a conversation. So please, don't say them.

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Unformatted Code If you are like me originally then you might not think it is worth it to spend the extra energy to format your code. After

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R 3.1.2 (codename "Pumpkin Helmet") was released last week. You can get the latest binaries version from here. (or the .tar.gz source code f

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The deaf community is no utopia, but it does offer an alternative language, culture and social life to those who choose to be a part of it

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The CGSociety is the most respected and accessible global organization for creative digital artists. The CGS supports artists at every level

Raising and Educating Deaf Children

Raising and Educating Deaf Children: Foundations for Policy, Practice, and Outcomes seeks to provide objective, evidence-based information f

Asia's only spoken and sign language programme faces uncertain future in...

School waits for funding for one-of-a-kind project teaching spoken and sign language



新老師手記:罪惡感的極限 : 論盡媒體 all about media

四個月前,我踏進校園、執起教鞭的第一日。同事跟我聊到自己多年的工作經驗。她說,永遠別跟同事說「那個學生其實沒那麼壞」。因為,這句話幾乎就等於是在暗示:「只是你不懂教而已。」 然而,大概是新老師的緣故,入職尚不到半年,我至少聽到了這句話四次,我不得不盡力壓抑自己心中的不安。為什麼學

「甚麼故事能夠代表我?」──談文學教育的理性趨向 : 論盡媒體 all about media

覺醒之路 現代教育存在各種光怪陸離的風景:例如沒有夢想的人,在舞台上說著夢想的事;人被編號,以便在打卡、點名、打卡之中獲得產值(而非個人價值);例如企業或政治權力介入,鼓吹「辦學是一種企業化經營」(出自過時且已故的「經營之神」);又例如校園感恩節裡「要求」師生感恩天地、老師感恩學

如果當初有人願意聆聽 : 論盡媒體 all about media

「自己很幸運;以前的我十惡不赦、很邪惡。」這句話竟出自一位年僅21歲的年輕人口中。 大約五年前,漢基因為濫藥被捕,被轉介入教育所。之後他在社服機構由朋輩輔導員做起,再轉為活動助理,一步一步重建自己的生活和目標;近來他甚至嘗試創辦社會企業,協助一班像他那樣,曾經走錯的「雙失」青年。

只為留住百年不變味道:一塊牛油糕的故事 : 論盡媒體 all about media


一名輪椅使用者的親身敍述 : 論盡媒體 all about media

城市的空間設計和使用表達了一個城市的人文精神與生活價值。 我作為一名輪椅使用者,生活在這個既有許多古舊建築和狹窄街巷,又正不斷面對大肆擴張的環境中,這幾年來的城市建造,包括人行道改造,公共單位設施,交通配套,以及讓殘疾人士參與的各項社會活動空間,深深地影響著我們的日常行動。當中有

Interpreter at Mandela Event Was Hallucinating, Saw Angels

The man accused of faking sign interpretation while standing alongside world leaders like U.S. President Barack Obama at Nelson Mandela's me

APA Report on Gun Violence Identifies Precursors and Promising Solutions

There is no single personality profile that can reliably predict who will use a gun in a violent act — but individual prediction is not nece

Nelson Mandela memorial interpreter 'was a fake'

Man who provided sign language interpretation on stage for Nelson Mandela's memorial service, attended by scores of heads of state, was simp