Friends, it is with immense sadness that I pass on this information: John Peterson passed away last weekend due to a climbing accident. He is survived by wife Marti and sons Eric and Jay.

Those of us who knew John from the Yale, Western, and Haskell communities remember his brilliance, warmth, and sense of humor. At Yale he was the perfect foil to Paul Hudak, and I consider it not coincidental that the two of them shared the name of half of the Beatles. They too wrote great music, both with and without lambdas.

John had been trying to get me out to visit him in Colorado for years now, and finally this summer, I had set aside a few days to do so. There was certainly going to be bicycle climbing, but I also knew he would not let me get away without a little rock climbing as well, which I have not done before. It would have been a memorable lesson.

Last week I learned that John planned to spend a chunk of time at Brown as part of a new grant he was writing. The last time he was here was as the external committee member on Greg Cooper's dissertation. Nobody would have been more welcome back.

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