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I'm proud of what +Bootstrap does to increase women in computing.
Bootstrap closes the gender gap by bringing CS to classes EVERYONE takes. 43% of our students are girls!

Computer Science Learning: Closing the Gap

43% of our 15,000+ students makes us one of the country's largest providers of formal CS to girls.

It's interesting to see how several of the authors on the Google TensorFlow paper (OSDI 2016) are alumni of Microsoft Research Silicon Valley.

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This is the geekiest thing you can imagine. But +Laurie Heller Tarr and +Michael Tarr are geeks, as am I, so it's about the most wonderful present you can imagine, too. Thanks, y'all!


The book is simply a rendition of the iTunes Store Terms and and Conditions as a graphic novel. There's nothing else: just bubble after bubble of characters speaking out the text. He uses different comic styles on different pages, and sometimes the style or imagery is sync'ed with the text.

In addition to its basic cleverness, it also reminded me of two other things I like:

1. The documentary "Terms and Conditions May Apply" [], which I wrote about on social media some time ago.

2. Jorge Luis Borges's short story "Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote" [,_Author_of_the_Quixote]; this nove is in exactly the same vein.

The thing about it is, when it's written in this form, you're more likely to actually … read the whole thing. And the constantly varying artwork punctuates it so it remains fresh, even as you feel you're going deeper and deeper into a surreal and frightening world (which you are).

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This is a stunning read.

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«They used a use-after-free (UAF) in Safari combined with three logic bugs and a null pointer dereference to exploit Safari and elevate to root in macOS.» — And this, kids, is why programming languages matter.

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If you want to contribute a comment about John Peterson, please do so here.
CC +Satnam Singh +Rishiyur Nikhil +Michael Tarr +Drew McDermott +Alex Chiang +Robert Harper +Gregory Cooper

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Just what we needed: another ranking of cities. (By the price of their TLDs; all in USD on Some curious entries here. With a bonus pair at the end.


TFW you try to type "Cornell" and, four letters in, the Android keyboard's latest update shows you a 🌽 . But I'm too cool to get flustered. Henceforth, +Emmanuel Schanzer will just have to get used to his alma mater being referred to as 🌽ell, even if it makes him think he went to Purdue instead. (I'd have been more impressed if it had replaced all of "Cornell" with a +Greg Morrisett emoji. You on that, +Nate Foster?)

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The title is a stretch, but the problem is real. I first heard about it only this past week when +Lisa Gelobter spoke about it during her excellent talk about her time doing computing in the White House.

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A nice interview with Radia Perlman in, of all places, The Atlantic.
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