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In 1960's Mississippi, a recent college graduate named Skeeter (Emma Stone) who wants to be a journalist roils her community when she decides to interview the domestic staffs who serve the town's wealthy white families but have remained largely invisible until Skeeter's expose. Viola Davis and Jessica Chastain costar in the Oscar(R)-nominated The Help, based on the best-selling novel, tonight at 10PM ET/PT on Showtime.
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I've heard alotof good comments about this book in school. Any suggestions on if Ishould read it?
i love the movie to it and the book although it had 500 and something pages
this film i sad and yet has a sence of humar i like it when she ends up eating the pie with crap in it and minnie keeps on telling her that it's s***
i cant believe thats what happened back then when they said black people were enslaved i didnt know it was that intense  
I love love love this movie! I cried while watching it lol
well all I can say is that I never saw this movie 
for anyone who hasent seen it in my words the book and movie was good.
This is a great movie with amazing cast of ladies! Go Skeeter!
that a great movie like foreal emma stone is so funny and weird at the same time
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