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Largest and Finest Selection of Trade Show Displays, Banner Stands, Pop Up Displays and Rectractable Banners


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Directors Chairs are one of the most unique folding chairs ever to be created. Comfortable to sit in, you'll find them in almost any venue. One the most unique ways to use these chairs is as a marketing tool. Print your company logo on these and give them away during trade shows.

So why use them at trade show?

Unique and Distinct Look

People are naturally attracted to the unique style of directors chairs. Associated with success, people love having them around.

Easily Customized

The canvas backing is used for a variety of printing methods such as silk-screening and heat transfer. These backings can easily be removed and replaced.

Easy to Carry

These chairs are lightweight and portable. Just fold them up and carry to your location.

Promotes Good Posture

The flexible canvas backing encourages sitting in a more upright position, thus promoting a better posture and hence a more professional look.

Read the full article here:
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Read my Quora answer to "What are some effective trade show marketing tips?"
Some trade show booths are bustling with people and others are not. What's the difference?  The key is a well-designed trade show display. Here are some features of a well thought out trade show exhibit.

Read the full answer here:

What are some essential ingredients to planning a trade show display that stands out from the crowd?

The full article on 4 key components  of a well-designed trade show booth:

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Listen to the sound track from SoundCloud about bar height directors chairs

The sound track talks about the different ways to use bar height directors chairs at trade show events, conventions and product promotional shows. One unique use is to give them away as contest prizes.

Read the full article here:
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Read Storify story on Why Directors Chairs are Excellent Marketing Tools for Trade Shows

This story contains a video talk about some of the benefits of using directors chairs such as unique appearance that attracts, easily customizable and easy to carry and set up.

Read the full story here:
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Why Use Directors Chairs at Trade Shows?

You don't have to make a big "splash" at your next trade show in order to set yourself apart from the crowd of other exhibitors. Directors chairs with their sleek, professional style pack enough punch to get you noticed.

Directors chairs are inexpensive, fully customizable, easy to set up and what's more they're fun to have around!

Learn more about why these folding wooden chairs are effective tools in this article located here:

Do you have any additional advice on why directors chairs are essential for trade shows?

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A Custom Wooden Directors Chair Helps to Upgrade Your Trade Show Booth

Directors Chairs are excellent marketing tools. Every trade show exhibitor should have some in their marketing toolbox.

Watch this video which contains some suggestions on how to use director chairs to attract conference attendees to your trade show display.

Watch the video here:

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Create an Effective Branding Experience with a Custom Table Cover

Printed table covers produce an attractive, professional branding experience for any type of show. In a matter of minutes, a custom table cover can turn any space into an elegant, bright and eye-catching exhibit.

Read more about custom table covers here:

Another advantage of a custom printed table cover is that it is ready to be used in a moment's notice.

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The Many Uses of Bar Height Directors Chairs: Let a Directors Chair Help Create Your Brand

Directors chairs can be used for marketing purposes in addition to providing a comfortable place to rest. One suggestion is to use them as a contest giveaway.

Read other ways to use them here:

Director chairs are easy to brand with your logo, name and your company's color scheme.

How have you used directors chairs at marketing events?

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How A Custom Directors Chair Enhances Your Trade Show Event on SoundCloud

A directors chair is the perfect way to make a great first impression at a trade show. They can be used to create an impact, connect with conference attendees and raise brand awareness.

Learn some creative ways to use directors chairs at your next promotional event. Use them to set up a charging station or to create an unique conversational area within your trade show display.

Listen to the full sound clip on director chairs here:

How have you used directors chairs in your marketing strategy?

#tradeshows #directorschairs #soundcloud
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Why Use Polyester Poplin for Trade Show Table Covers

It's well know that trade show table covers are essential for creating an impact at your event. They also build brand awareness and they are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools at your disposal.

So, what's the best material to use for table covers? Polyester poplin is a great choice. First, it is wrinkle resistant. When displayed on a table it lays flat and presents a tailored look.

Here are some other reasons to use polyester poplin table covers:

What other material have you found to be good choices for table covers?

#tablecovers #tradeshowdisplays
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