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Opening the minds of a voiceless generation

About Us

Started in July 2012, Shout Out UK has become one of Britain’s fastest growing alternative and independent news media platforms.

We aim to create an understanding between current affairs around the globe and the history behind each issue. Our global network of contributors report on stories from across the globe without censorship, with the aim of giving a means of expression to the voiceless generation.

Why a Voiceless generation?

We believe political apathy comes from society induced ignorance. Young people are not being told WHY politics is important, or HOW to get involved in the political process. Society expects all of us to get enlightened as soon as we hit 18. It does not work this way. If you have not been told how the system works or why it is important to get yourself involved in it, then we will not do it.

Are we currently voiceless? Yes we are. Not because we are physically voiceless, but simply because people do not know the power they possess. We aim to open people’s minds by showing them the power they, themselves hold. Only when we realise the political power we, as a collective have, will we then truly have a voice within society.

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