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As there are sooooo many gorgeous plush toys available to choose from, I try really really hard to not add to our range. This one, I just could not resist. Absolutely adorable and make me smile. Play the clip and you'll see what I mean :)

...and if you after one >>

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How 'big' a Metal Earth 3D model can be...

Our full #MetalEarth  range >>

#StarWars   #ATST

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Impressive! A barn that will stand the rigour of playtime with toddlers and preschoolers :)

If you want one for your little one >>

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To find out what this secret code unlocks >>

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This Monopoly Ultimate Banking edition comes with a compact banking unit that quickly scans each player’s credit card, all of the individual property and chance cards in the game which now include special bar codes on them.

If you after one, try us >>

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Love tabletop games and Star Wars? If so, this is the perfect game for you - Star Wars: Rebellion from Fantasy Flight Games.

If the review inspires you to get one, try our store >>

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Kinetic Sand is quite addictive. It feels different and watching it moves is mesmerising :)

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GoldieBlox (makes toys whose main focus is to get girls into engineering) has launched a new YouTube series that teaches kids how to hack their playthings.

The new series is hosted by video blogger, Simone Giertz, the self-proclaimed “queen of shitty robots”. If you haven't heard of Simone, she is known for building and then testing out robots that don’t work exactly as they’re supposed to.

With each 'DIY' (how-to) episode, there is a related 'Toy Hacker' (story) episode where you see what has been made, used in a story with Goldie and her friends.

Here's DIY Episode 1.
FYI. you don't need GoldieBlox sets for the DIYs :)

#STEM4Kids   #STEMKids   #KidsInSTEM   #STEAMKids #STEM4Girls #STEMGirls

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September Newsletter out now!

#kidstoys   #Schleich  #SylvanianFamilies

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New to 2016, Schleich Riding Centre
...and you get a free Schleich pony keyring (while stock lasts)

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