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Shootout Guitar Cables UK
Guitar Cables • Guitar Pedal Patch Cables • UK • Best Custom Boutique Quality
Guitar Cables • Guitar Pedal Patch Cables • UK • Best Custom Boutique Quality


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SHOOTOUT! 'Black Powder' Professional Tour Grade 3m Ultra-Low Capacitance Guitar Cable.
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CAGED System (Sucks?)

I was Googling and Youtubing about the other day looking for how the fretboard was being taught.
I'd seen mentions of the CAGED system before, but a cursory glance at what it actually is made no sense. It looked less useful than 3NPS (three notes per string, which is great for diatonic equivalent of pentatonic boxes, which you can join up to extend all along the neck i.e. by adding a note with a slide), and didn't seem to offer any great practical use for novice players looking to unlock the neck.
So this time round when I found it again I decided to see if I was alone in my original misgivings by searching for 'CAGED system sucks' or suchlike!
I was rewarded with allies like:
Bottom line... CAGED system... it seems a bit weird to me, but somehow became somewhat a celebrity. Catchy name perhaps? ;O)


Thank you for accepting my request to join.

I love pedals! It will still be some time until modelling is good enough to  dent my love for old skool vintage circuits and modern boutique wonders! Love my vintage Deluxe Memory Man!


Shootout Guitar Cables, UK

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Best Guitar Cables and Guitar Pedal Patch Cables Explained by SHOOTOUT! UK

For several decades I have watched the world of guitar cables slip into hifi audiophile land as tone shootouts of the latest and supposedly greatest instrument cabling has hit the glossy magazine and website advertorial reviews and Youtube.

It's so easy to get suckered into lapping up the snake oil about this, that and the other where tone and cables are concerned.

But as someone with a strong science background it's not difficult to pick up all the pieces of the jigsaw and see through the guitar cable marketing hype smoke and mirrors and find the Cable Fairy hiding around almost every corner.

To this end a major section of our new website is in development to dispell the guitar cable myths, burn the patch cable snake oil, x-ray through the Emporer's new shielding, and take aim at the sniggering Cable Fairy with our true tone bullets.*

* Sure it's a bit harsh to treat a fairy like this, but this is a particularly manipulative and naughty fairy, and the bullets are fairy friendly rubber, so they'll just send her on her way.
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Shootout Guitar Cables will begin shipping world class custom boutique quality guitar leads and pedalboard patch cables within the UK in the first quarter of 2015.

The Range: Gun Smoke • Black Powder • Shooting Jacket • Boot Hill
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