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Flagship Spa and Salon
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I spent the last two weeks using Lion's new mail, Mac Calendar, and Safari rather than gmail, google calendar, and Chrome. I liked:

* fullscreen
* safari's read later
* some of the ui bling in mail
* autocorrect
* Calendar handles my wife's MobileMe Calendar invites better

I didn't like:

* for many tasks, mail took an extra step (no "send and archive"
* mail was slower
* safari was slower
* Apple Calendar is terrible

So, today I abandon Apple apps for Google ones. That said, I'm ditching my android phone as soon as my contract is over.

Fact of the day about what matters in business: "Apple makes more gross margin per iPhone than most Android phones make in gross revenue" -- roger mcnamee elevation partners.

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A melancholy op-ed about Oslo. Favorite quote, "But if you’re not scared, you can’t be brave."…

The noise of invites from random people has now overwhelmed the invites from people that I know and I'm sure that I'm missing invites from people that I want to connect with. Google, please work on this.

On the other hand, my incoming stream demonstrates that in a tenuous global economy, people from around the world have plenty of time to create animated gifs.

Foreigner's "Urgent" is playing at Jo's downtown. There is no escuse for Foreigner, nostalgic, ironic, or otherwise.

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Waiting for the Lion.

Tonight's the night.

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