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Title: Summer Glau for Government! [And I'm Not Joking As the Reader Shall See]

Abstract: This document will provide the motivation and a rough plan for Summer Glau ( ; ) and/or other extremely powerful and influential, but possibly still relatively obscure, men and women, of any age, to become either the , or as ambassadors of good will and "Shalom"/"Salaam" (= "completeness" / "well-being" / "peace" / "harmony" / "serenity" / "welfare" / "safety" ; see ).


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I detailed the way I thought of to run an election campaign here: - on that section, the story’s Alpha Female, Eve “Erisa” Siegel, admits that winning the title of homecoming queen won’t make much of a difference to her, but that she still wants it, and instead of a smear or insult campaign, she supports and respects the other candidates.

Furthermore, you shouldn't give up if you lose ( #NeverGiveUp : Matsuoka Shuzo [松岡修造 ] - あきらめかけているあなた (NEVER GIVE UP!!) [English] ), and released videos on YouTube before, while, and after their performance on the televised Sing-off competition (and I find them very nice). What I describe Principle Snyder doing in is that after he has lost the election for mayor, he offered the actual winner to be his assistant and to help him as much as he can, and he eventually become mayor in the next election .

Hollywood depicted a worse way to run an election campaign with Hulk Hogan on Suddenly Susan where he maintains a false image instead of being himself - (these were my favourite two episodes of that show). And this whole ordeal materialised with 's “Girly Men” campaign for the Californian  governor elections, but really could have been avoided.


Now, the real-life Summer Glau is amazingly Shalom-ful as exemplified by these two videos from the Big Bang Theory:

* Summer Glau On The Big Bang Theory Part 1

* Summer Glau On The Big Bang Theory Part 2

One cannot help but feel that she will never intentionally do harm to you, that she is being completely honest and sincere, and also that you are perfectly safe close to her. This is as opposed to her typical role on television of "I can kill all of humanity using my mind, and probably will on a whim", which is tantalising, but feels unnatural and is disconcerning.

This Shalom-ful essence of people like Summer Glau or like me, whose private name in Hebrew actually means "Shalom-ful" (see ) can and should be exploited, to spread world-wide Shalom/Salaam/peace.


It was generally believed that the purpose of combat was to outsmart your enemy - deceive him, trick him. "For in tricks you should do your war." Saladin ( ) took the exact opposite approach in liberating Palestine from the Knights Templar. He conquered it one fortress after the other, and people knew exactly where he was at any given time (and it didn't help them).

He showed mercy, respect and chivalry at the knights (who were murderous and insane) and by the time he finished fighting them and letting them go, they were almost completely sane, happy and unwilling to fight Saladin again even by orders of their highest spiritual leaders: .

Despite the fact that Saladin’s soldiers were almost all highly trained, and loved fighting and subduing their enemies, he often handled the fights personally. Saladin could have killed (= Richard the Lion’s Heart) before too long, but instead enjoyed fighting him in a chivalrous mode.

As a result, I believe Saladin became history's first significant "Warrior King" or "The best of the best of the best" or "Qoheleth". In Saladin’s time, the melee and artillery weapons were too heavy to be handled by women, but as technology progressed, women can now be effective melee (martial arts) and especially artillery (guns/etc.) fighters - see , but that is besides the point that as technology progressed many notable warrior kings and warrior queens could kick serious ass while being completely harmless, non-violent and non-destructive: Jim Henson and the Mupeteers, the Beatles, Jules Verne, Walt Disney, the creators of Star Trek - The Next Generation, and finally - (the peaceful 10-years-old girl who slew two mighty world superpowers).

Now as an alpha and whom I believe was a former Warrior King, I want to continue being Shalom-ful and yet kicking some serious ass, and I believe that's what Summer Glau or many other people want as well, and they can do that.


There are three important things in life for one’s self-esteem:

1. Good food and drinks ("Wine") - see

2. Good company of any sex ("Women").

3. Clean, creative, fun, however unprofessional and low quality. ("Song"): Christina Grimmie - "Feelin' Good"

If you're a wage slave, who does not eat well, does not enjoy the company of his family or friends, and does not have fun, then not only are you unhappy, but you are really unproductive and lazy:


My current plan is that on Sunday, I will take the bus to downtown Tel Aviv, and find a firm that will agree to sponsor me on a trip to Europe (in exchange for free advertising). Then I will buy an aeroplane ticket to Istanbul, and use train services such as to visit many European centres of commerce, fun and food where I will do a lot of "Wine, Women, and Song" including attending Science Fiction/Fantasy/etc. conferences, going to good (but not necessarily extremely fancy) restaurants, meeting with some of the shakers and movers, or taking walks, possibly while being escorted by a guide or escort on my sponsor's expense. I will carry a light laptop (which I'll try to avoid using in people's company), a moderately high quality digital camera, and possibly a smartphone and a tablet.

I deserve all that being the Little Red Riding Hood of Messiahs:


You may have seen some "The 100 most powerful men" in the world or "The 100 most powerful women" in the world lists. Let me tell you one thing now: they are bullshit. That's because a person who thinks anyone else is more powerful than he or she is, is being dishonest:



You can actually find a more credible list of powerful women in the Maxim HOT 100 list - - and that's because these women (selected by popular vote) exhibit a lot of sexiness, which has a very strong correlation with competence and power, and this is despite the fact that many of them are not very beautiful.

Like I said earlier: never give up on your dreams. You too can change the world for the best. An action hero is not someone who gets caught in many invisible rules and arbitrary dogmas. That's a tragic hero. Instead, an action hero often bends or even breaks the rules to earn his or her victory.

You can be what you want to be: Darin-B what U wanna B (lyrics) .

Let's make the world begin! Paul McCartney - C'mon People

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