How to be careful and avoid being arrogant.

Like I note here - - people should avoid being arrogant (or what I call "hubris" there) and careless, and realise that they should be careful and humble. It is a matter of attitude. NAmely:

1. Don't walk on the road unnecessarily. Walk on the sidewalk, use the zebra crossing and wait for a green light or a clear road.

2. Never drive alone. Always have someone else riding with you in the car. Take the bus or even hail a taxicab if necessary.

3. Try to take flights starting from somewhere around the midday rather than night flights. Avoid private flights unless in case of an emergency.

4. Don't feel superior to other people. Even the youngest, oldest, most underqualified, most evil, most naïve, least esteemed, etc. person can teach you a valuable lesson, enlighten you or simply make you happier.

5. If you sense there's danger lurking ahead, follow your gut feeling.

6. Don't do risky stuff such as cliff hanging without safety gear and in a controlled place, sky diving, etc.


Some major offenders to this include.

1. +Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science - although often insightful, Dawkins has become a cultist, religious and often quite dogmatic atheist, who is quiet arrogant. He can lose all that while remaining committed to his ideals of spreading anti-mystical / anti-folly thought.

2. +Orlando Bloom whom according to the wikipedia page about him - - has sustained several injuries, which is likely indicative of a careless attitude. This may explain the fact that +Miranda Kerr and him are separated now, and prevents his future growth.


Note that despite what I said, courage is important in moderation, and so is a moderate amount of Hubris (which enabled most of humanity’s tangible and mental technologies), but nevertheless carelessness and arrogance can easily bring one’s downfall.

Be careful and be prepared.

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