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Shlomi Fish
An Israeli software developer, essayist and writer.
An Israeli software developer, essayist and writer.

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Hackfest 2016 Day 2

We spent most of the time working on the code.  Probably the biggest accomplishment is that Krzysztof has a fix for the Gtk3 flickering bug. The fix breaks previews in the file dialog so that will still need to be dealt with. While the Gtk3 build is usable, there is much, much more work that needs to be done. Alex and Martin have been working on this. We've discussed switching the default build from Gtk2 to Gtk3 after the 0.92 release to ensure that more eyes are focused on Gtk3. Progress was also made on the CMake build system as well as many other areas.

We had a preview of the C++ plugin system from Sebastian and Moritz of Semiodesk including a demo of the Grid extension implemented in C++. They will put documentation including a "Hello World" example on the Inkscape Wiki. The focus now is on getting C++ extensions to work on Windows.

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